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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Furniture everywhere

There has been some major rearranging going on at holtieshouse.....
I'll run through a few photos that will give you some idea of these changes.

While this one looks very undramatic it represents perhaps the biggest change...
A new entertainment center complete with a 40 inch widescreen TV (this was the
largest screen my livingroom could cope with).

What's the good of a new TV unless you can watch in comfort???
this baby provides the ultimate in comfort for two... wanna come visit???

A couple of views of the now completed wardrobe, the assembly project of my
recent IKEA purchases created quite a bit of interest, I will address the queries now;
Yes I did read the assembly instructions, or more correctly I studied the assembly
illustrations, IKEA have a unique (in my experience anyway) method of instruction,
they rely entirely on illustrations... there are NO written words to explain what
goes with what, nor are similar pieces identified with A, B, C, stickers... its up to
you to sort them out correctly.
Having said that, I found the assembly process pretty simple and in all aspects bar
one I am happy with the results, the single flaw in the IKEA style of furniture is in
my opinion the weight and therefore the difficulty in relocation of finished pieces.
As I said though I am very pleased with both the set of drawers and the wardrobe, I
especially like the hanging rail extensions that protrude from either side giving a
handy place to hang a jacket, dressing gown, or the next days clothes.

The post title "Furniture Everywhere" may have confused some of you;
Let me illustrate how it came to be, my old entertainment unit and TV is
currently residing in the hallway!!!

My old pair of wardrobes has taken up duty in the spare bedroom while the displaced
pair await their fate in the wings, so to speak.

A general reshuffle of lounge furniture brought on by the inclusion of the new
two- seater unit has seen an old couch become a temporary resident of the dining room.

Another casualty is the old set of drawers from my bedroom, currently residing in the
Sun/Junk room along with quite a few other misfits, so until the next big garage sale
the house is sort of overflowing with bits and pieces!!!!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow, you have been busy. That lounge sure looks comfortable, do you have a nap whilst watching TV? I do...heheh.

Someone will be glad of your old furniture...I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling it. Put it on ebay and let people bid for it. My brother and SIL did that with her mother's stuff and had no trouble selling it.

Good luck with it all, anyway.

WT said...

You better treat that two-seater right or I'll come up there and beat the shit out of you!!

That is one sweet looking piece of furniture! I'm assuming it reclines too.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ You sure have been busy changing things around and it all looks great. Must have been hard work on your own. If you advertise the unwanted items in the local paper, you are quite likley to sell them. I actually sold a lot of LPs and 45s
recently when my neighbour had some for sale and wanted more.
Take care, Love, Merle.

ChrisB said...

I rather like the look of the 2-seater~ glad I dropped by, now I'm comfy what's on TV!

wazza said...

Gidday Peter,

I knew you could do it, as you'd be well aware that whenever I have something to put together I'll wait until your next visit and then pounce and ask for your assistance.
You may remember the wonderful (?) job we had putting the mobile CD stand together..what a shit of a job that was, and then the wheels were too small and we had to go and get larger wheels...yep that was a goodie.
Everything looks great. Who hooked up all the wiring to your DVD's CD player etc...or did you do it??

Gattina said...

Be happy that the instructions weren't in japonese, lol ! anyway the result looks very nice. We bought today a LCD TV must be the same size !

kenju said...

I know you'll be happy when you can get everything in its rightful place! Lookin' good, Peter.

karisma said...

Everything looks great! Well done! Glad to see that you did read those instructions or look at them as the case may be!

I particularly like the wardrobe its looks really appealing and functional as well. Great buy.

So does the lounge seat recline? Just askin' coz if I come for a visit I would like to put my feet up! (Its necessary for holding ones laptop on ones lap, Mind you I am currently sitting on the lounge with feet on the coffee table while the two recliners sit empty next to me! Its all about choice you know) Now having said that I think I would have to get in line for a spot. WT seems quite excited over your chairs, I think he may beat me to it! He does live much closer than me! :-)

Have a great day! (Don't forget to go outside occasionally for some fresh air)

Jacqui said...

I think we are all slightly disappointed that you managed to assemble the furniture without any dramas, it would have made a good story and post like the washing machine, bathroom etc. Never mind I'm sure you will come up with enough interesting blogs to keep everyone coming back.

Jamie Dawn said...

If ever I come to visit, I'm gonna sit right there in one of those new, comfy seats and watch that big screen TV you have. Very nice!
You did a fine job on that wardrobe. Illustration only would have driven me nuts! I need step by step, worded instructions. Even then, I'd mess it all up.
Enjoy your new furniture!

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Rachel said...

Wow, I'm really liking that double set of recliners (guessing they recline?). They look very comfy and I've never seen anything like that before, but then I don't browse furniture shops unless I'm buying, so I'm not up to date on what's out there!

Well done Peter!!

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter. Oh your two seater new leather lounge looks so comfy to relax in and watch Tv.
I think you better have that garage sale so youve got room to move about again.

Dave said...

That's odd... I put a comment in here yesterday, and it's not there today!

Nice job on the furniture Peter!! It looks great.

Jack K. said...

Peter, you do good work. Half the fun of getting new things that have to be put together, is putting them together. The idea of visual instructions is intriguing.

As for the displaced furnishings, you will have a blast at your garage/yard sale. There the fun is the negotiating. Sometimes you can throw in things for free just to be rid of them.

Good luck.

Suzz said...

Peter! What have you done? You do know that the new furniture will need to be in newly painted rooms with new drapes and then the floor will have to be renewed. It never ends. Let me know when you are almost done and I'll start packing. May I hold the remote?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wowzie, Peter. That new twin-sitter is mighty pretty as is, of course, the 40-incher. That is going to be one hellish garage sale.

Faye said...

Feathering your nest, eh? Correction--actually building your nest with a little help from IKEA--very liveable. But where's the computer? We want to know where you're stationed to make us laugh each week.

Cliff said...

I'll come watch the tele and sit with you in that nice chair/short sofa but there'll be no holding hands or that kind of nonsense.
If I do come to visit, will I get to control the remote?? Sorry but that could be a deal breaker.

Pamela said...

I'll buy it.. you put it together. We'll be a great team

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh my gosh Peter...you have been a busy guy. It all looks wonderful. That lounger looks amazingly comfortable. I guess we all know where you'll be spending a lot of your time. That big screen TV is gorgeous....just what any guy would love. It's all beautiful.....and you deserve every bit of it sweet guy. Enjoy!! ((((((Big Hugs)))))) ~Joy