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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A last look around Adelaide.

Some of you might recall that I planned a “walk” around the park near the Fosters unit in Adelaide a few weeks ago for a Fun Monday project (Vicki and I went to the IKEA store instead as the weather turned nasty).

Before I left Adelaide the park was looking very inviting so I took that walk and a few photos as well here they are;

This lovely park and lakes adjoin the Foster's unit in Adelaide, the lakes are a local council initiative for the collection of storm water runoff which is then used to water this and other parks in the area. A sensible initiative in this the driest city in a very dry land.
Click on photos to enbiggen.

There are several bridges that cross the water and paths that are well used by walkers and people exercising their dogs.

This small island provides a safe nesting habitat for the many water birds that have made their home on the lake.

The unit is one of a duplex and is the closest one to the water.

Our happy little group gathered at the Adelaide airport to see Alan and I off, taken by a very kind lady who didn't quite get the focus right... thanks anyway.

The frame of my new IKEA wardrobe, just the 3 doors and 2 drawers to go.

The chest of drawers is complete, just need to tidy up a few cables, The french doors on the right of the photo lead to my computer room where I sit to concoct all this rubbish.


DellaB said...

gd'day Pete... beautiful Adelaide, an old stomping ground.. I monitor the weather cos my daughter still lives there, b***** cold at the moment.

The pics I just sent you come from a friend in Adelaide too.. something synchronisitis about this, what else Adelaide will come to me today I wonder?

hmmm - a walk in the park v some retail therapy, love your cupboard..


Walker said...

Very nice pictures of the park. There could never be to many parks in the world. The use fot eh runn off water is brilliant and many other places should be thinking of utilizing that kind of system

kenju said...

That's a lovely park, Peter, and a nice wardrobe, too!

WT said...

Those Adelaide shots are serene. I'll bet you're glad to be home.

karisma said...

Lovely park shots. Your furniture looks like its coming along nicely too! Soooo, did you read the instructions first?

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter,Lovely pics of a very restfull looking park.
Your chest of draws look nice.

Dave said...

What a beautiful area Peter!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.. and the chest looks great! (the wooden one buddy!) *LOL*

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Well done on your new furniture. The chest of drawers look
nice and the wardrobe on the way.
You did good. All OK here and in the morning, Connie (Meow) is calling in with her husband and daughter just for a quick visit. Then they are going on to Shepp/Ardmona Factory
sales and then to stay o'night in Kyabram. Take care, Love, Merle.

Jim said...

Hi Peter -- Thanks for checking my Nebraska scenes out and leaving commnets. That means a lot to me.

I have been following you and your sister's bout with her cancer. I am glad her progress is so encouraging.

Now, blog in hand. That Adelaide is a beautiful place to live. How were the IKEA directions? I have put something together that was purchased from IKEA, I think it was for daughter Karen. Things went pretty smoothly as I remember.

Merle said...

Hi again Peter ~~ This last week has been very cold, but otherwise, not too bad. Heaters get a workout.I had
a lovely visit with Connie and her family, which we all enjoyed. She asked about you and Vicki. I am so sorry Vicki still has so much pain
still. Take care, Love, Merle.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ G'day mate! We wished that you could have been at BlogStock with us. Cliff and Ralph are a couple of funny guys! It was a HOOT! Maybe NEXT year! No worries! ~ jb///

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Peter,

Those pictures are very pretty.
Looks like a nice place to spend some time.

I'm so glad Vicki is doing better!!

Take care,


Cliff said...

Well I've spent a great deal of time here but it's all been worth it. I am so happy for your family and news about Vicki.
A couple of comments.
The last Adelaide I looked around took quite a while too. (big gal)
I haven't sat by the lady on a plane either.
The wardrobe will be nice.
And I knew there was a reason that I don't work out.
I did what you said to do at Blogstock. I gathered a group to listen to my rendition of the Man From Snowy River. Not much and I think they were happy it was over. oh well.

Rachel said...

Peter, Cliff did GREAT on his rendition of the Man From Snowy River!! We were all quite amazed that he could recite that whole thing!! I know I was! So thanks for that. It was great! I wish someone had videod it but we all sat around with our jaws dropped while listening to him. It would have been great if you could have been there.

That lake is so pretty and it's nice to see the doors that you enter and sit and blog!!

Big Dave T said...

Wonder if "exercising your dog" at the park means the same thing over there that it does over here. Namely, watch your step.

Puss-in-Boots said...

How nice to see the results of a Council with a few farsighted members. That is a most sensible idea and a beautiful one, too.

Can you understand Ikea? I had problems understanding the instructions from Taiwan in putting the cat tree together. My daughter told me not to buy anything from Ikea as they are worse. Hard to believe...

CAROLYN said...

That looks like an excellent place to stroll around or take a nap :)

Irish Coffeehouse said...

The park looks beautiful! Enjoy the new furniture! And those doors are beautiful! I want them! :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

That park is really lovely Peter...very peaceful really. You look very chipper in that photo I must say. It's always so good to see your smiling face Peter.

Jamie Dawn said...

Those are some gorgeous photos in Adelaide!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Those are some gorgeous photos in Adelaide!!!!