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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another adventure with Wazza.

Peter, Julie and Wazza at Girraween National Park sometime in the 70s... even the colour photos fade in time, any wonder that some relationships also have trouble... we do hope to catch up with Julie this trip.

As can be seen from the photo above Wazza and I have been sharing adventures for a fair while now, a bit over 30 years in fact, and we are off on another one commencing Nov 2, so posting may be erratic or non-existent for a couple of weeks.

We will only be away for 2 weeks as Warren has to return to work, but we will cram in about 4,000 Kms in the i30, its first real test run, and visits to many friends as well as some beautiful scenery, so there will be lots of photos at some stage.

I'll catch up with your blogs as the opportunity arises, stay well and happy.


kenju said...

Peter, I hope you and Wazza have a great time - although I think whenever you are together you have fun!!

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Looking forward to your visit, and Warren is the extra bonus!!
Hope you have a great trip and see you when you get here. Take care,Love, Merle.

Christina said...

Have a great time, Peter!!!

JunieRose2005 said...


Hope you and Wazza have a wonderful trip!

Looking forward to your stories and pictures!


karisma said...

Have a great time! And don't forget to check you have "all" of your things before moving on! Especially your wallet and phone!

Cliff said...

I'm really hoping for some more videos. Make sure they're as good as the last.
Drive careful, we counted you on the way out and expect the same number to return.

Jack K. said...

You guys are going to have a wonderful time. That's an order! snerx.

There is always something special when you share it with a good friend.

I look forward to the photos.

Hope you can catch up with Julie.

Drive safely.

Drink safely.

Eat well, etc.

Dave said...

Safe travels Peter... and take lots of pictures!

Gwen said...

Hi Peter.
Thanks for the visit ,glad you liked the post.
Enjoy your trip, travel safely,and
give Merle a big hug for me.

Suzz said...

Hi, Peter, just catching up again and now you and Warren are off on another adventure. Know you will have fun. Liked seeing your house from space and enjoyed seeing the Australian thorny devil. I think we have those here, but we call them politicians.

Ralph said...

Have a safe trip - enjoy yourself.

Ralph said...

Have a safe trip - enjoy yourself.

Rachel said...

I enjoyed seeing that old picture! Enjoy your trip and be safe!!!

Walker said...

Have a fun time and don't stay from any nude beaches.