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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Home Run

We got away from Esperance at 7am, pretty much as planned with
the time zone
difference this was 8.30am in SA time so we were
behind the 8 ball from the get-go

About 2 hours later we pulled into Norseman which is the western end of the
Nullarbor crossing, the town has created a wonderful memorial to the Afghan
cameleers who came through here in the 1800's and early 1900's to supply
the needs of the rapidly growing goldfields around Kalgoorlie (the richest
goldfield in the world).
The camels shown here are 3 dimentional and clad with corrugated iron.

Leaving Norseman and heading due East the "TomTom" showed that the next
turn we would take was 1176 kms away, it also estimated, among other things,
that our arrival at Wudinna would be at 2.46am new years day.

With this cheerful news absorbed we hit the long and amazinly straight track, it
contains the worlds longest straight stretch of 90 miles (140 klm) without a bend

Among the other things to be wary of, as well as other motorists, there are feral
camels, the almost indestructable wombat, and kangaroo's somtimes encountered
by the thousands but on this trip a grand total of 0, in places our other national
emblem the emu can also be a hazard.

About 380kms out the road drops about 500 feet onto a flat plateau at Caiguna,
you travel about 250kms on this level before climbing back up at Eucla.

There is a low range alongside the road for most of this distance.

I have mentioned before that the mind plays funny tricks when it is bemused by
long distance travels, here a bottle tree has been created at the roads edge.

Not to be outdone others have ceated a boot/shoe/sneaker tree nearby.

Climbing onto the upper level at Eucla which is located in WA near the border of SA.

The much photographed signpost at Eucla shows distances to most other
parts of Australia

Starting at Norseman and showing the stopovers as far as Eucla, these stopovers
consist of a service station, roadhouse/cafe, and in most cases a few fairly basic
motel units, Baledonia, caiguna, and Eucla all have a bit more extensive facilities.
There is still another 500 kms to complete the crossing then another 250kms to Wudinna.

I have been using a new hair product that has produced an amazing change in a
short time, I am receiving compliments like... "nice head of hair you have there
mate" quite regularly, its nice when people notice isn't it.

I think I may have already mentioned that the road goes on forever?

We at last are nearly at that turnoff which was 1176 kms away at Norseman,
The reading here is 800 metres not klms, our ETA has been adjusted back
to 1.44am, we actually arrived at wudinna at 1.14am having wished one
another a Happy New Year in the car while traveling.
Hope you enjoyed the trip with us... it was nice to have you along.

Happy New Year.


Lyn said...

Looks like i got in first with this post! Great post dad, felt like i was right along there with you. Aren't YOU glad i wasn't! :P
Happy you're all safe. Love Lyn xx

Merle said...

Hello Peter ~~ I didn't think you would be back at Wudinna yet. Well done, and those thingys that you can't work, do work I see. I like the EST part of them. I do hope that Vicki is not too tired, and can have a good rest tomorrow. Hi Rex
Happy New Year to you all.
I am on my own again - Naturally.
Love to the three of you. Merle.

Jack K. said...

Thanks for bringing me along.

The trip must have been quite uneventful, except for the hair gnomes/trolls/gypseys, etc., that did a job on your head. snerx.

All you gotta do now is get some darker color into the beard. chuckle

Happy New Year to you and yours.

PS: Great photos.

Puss-in-Boots said...

No comment on the hair...Glad you reach Wuddina in one piece, Peter. Glad it was you driving that road and not me...I like a bend or two, but not as winding as in New Zealand.

Happy New Year!

Junebug said...

Happy New Year, Peter!

Geri said...

My dad visited Australia and it loved it. I love the warning signs for camels, wombats, and kangaroo.

GutsyWriter said...

Your hair is so black and curly. What did you eat? Love your drive and GPS photos. I just bought one for my husband for Christmas. The best gift a wife can give her husband so they no longer fight about directions. Happy New Year.

kenju said...

Feral camels? I didn't know that. How odd.

Your hair product works too well, Peter. Get rid of it.

Happy New Year!

karisma said...

I bow down to your braveness in driving so far! My nine hours nearly killed me! LOL! Although the kiddies were perfect! Hey if your passing through, you know where I live! I have a few hugs stored up for you over here! Come collect them if you dare! (I promise, while every squeeze is crushing they are full of love).

Cliff said...

I have just sat here near midnight and read your entire trip. I must say it looks like you had a super time but the new hair merits a comment most of which I can't write here for fear of losing my glossy reputation.
I just hope you don't end up with more children because of it. It also appears as tho someone is missing a mop.
I hate water fights except when I get to see them on a computer monitor.

Pamela said...

it really turned out to be a Hair-
raisin' journey (:

Walker said...

With the new mop on your head you can replace Mickael jackson if the Jacksons ever go back on tour LOL