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Monday, March 09, 2009

Fun Monday March 9

Sayre is hosting Fun Monday this week.


So here's da rules:

What are you and your family doing to deal with the current economic situation
on a personal level? Obama's got a plan for the nation, but how do you/will you
deal with your own economic stress?

Obama doesn't feature in our economic plans much here in Australia, we have
Kevin... that sounds like a bit of a lame name for a leader doesn't it.
Kev has joined the frenzy to see who can throw the most money at the problem
in the hope that it will go away, trouble is when giving handouts along with a
plea to spend up to help the nations economy and at the same time talking of
recessions and tough times ahead the tendency is for people to sock it away for
the rainy day they have been warned about.

OK that covers the general population... I'm a bit more patriotic than that,
(read, I'm something of a spend thrift who can't resist a bargain!!!!)
So as things have got tougher and the stores have been bundling their stock
out at bargain prices I've been buying/spending just like I've been asked to.
We perhaps should take a moment to be serious here... I live alone in a house
that I own which is filled to overflowing with the things that I want/need, so in
fact there isn't a lot of things on my want list.
I am hoping to leave my children a few trinkets when my time here is up, so I'm
really just getting by in the best way I can and putting aside any small excess
that happens along for the stated purpose.

I could easily have written about the habits of a lifetime not catering to waste
or extravagance... having been around since 1936 there isn't a whole lot of new
stuff they can throw at you that you haven't had to dodge or learn to live with
already, so to a large degree its "business as usual" until things calm down
again, as they always seem to!!!!!

Just in case anyone thinks this post has got a little morbid, check out this one.


karisma said...

Well Im glad to see someone is spending that money! Now if only I actually enjoyed shopping, maybe I would think about it!

Jan said...

Yes, that's us, too. Business as usual, but we've increased charitable giving.

Mariposa said...

Well, I'm still spending...and in fact I have put more on investments this year than the past years...I hope it get to add to that multiplier affect... ;)

Hale McKay said...


If I leave now, I can get to Brazil before you!

That pic on that post was just one of several which I posted on my alternate site, "Suppository of the Soul." I use that site for things more adult in nature than those on my regular site.

For more pics, including one of a lady closer to our ages, see:
Thing a Thong of Thixpence.

Jeanna said...

I think we all have to be spend thrifts, but is sounds like you have a nice life carved out for you there. Personally, I don't see my head ever peeking above water.

Hootin' Anni said...

Exactly.....we too are of the same caliber Peter. Save for a rainy day, leave a legacy of 'stuff' behind for our kids, and enjoy life as we live from day to day. It's the right thing to do.

Dave said...

We haven't changed our lifestyles too much here...

Oh, and Happy Labour Day Peter!!

Sayre said...

A lifetime of good spending habits will go far when things are tight. That's why I worry so about the 20 and 30-somethings coming up. Their spending habits are awful: see it, want it, buy it. You are lucky that those good habits were ingrained early - you probably have all kinds of built-in economies that you dont' even realize you have because it was always there!

Hello to Vickie - hope things are progressing well for her!

Ralph said...

We haven't changed a whole lot - maybe nothing. Our investments have changed a great deal - all bad. It probably won't be long before they include a bill with our statement.

sri said...

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Faye said...

Your views are a bit different when you truly want to have a bit left over for your kids. My "kids"(Arf!) have a lifespan of about 14 years tops so we don't worry so much about legacy. I suspect you're doing so much more that planning to leave trinkets for your gang, Peter. Like the help you're providing in the here and now.

Hope all is well with you. Enjoy seeing your name pop up on Fun Mondays.

ChrisB said...

Peter I too try and save a bit for my children, but recently I decided I needed to see a bit more of the world and I've spent a bit travelling (that was before the current economic crisis).

hulagirlatheart said...

It sounds as if your spending attitude has been right on target for quite some time. Excellent job.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yeah, we're quite lucky in our age group, aren't we, Peter? If the government insists on giving me money, I'll spend it. I have no problem with that. I have a few things I would like to get, not necessarily that I need, but it'll help the economic situation for a bit. The last lot bought an air conditioner, which was very nice, thank you, Mr Rudd.

So, bottoms up to the Economic Security Stimulus...I take it with thanks.

Gattina said...

That's like me and I have never been a money spender that's not in my nature, and we never have taken a credit only for our house.

Pamela said...

Use it up
Wear it Out
Male it do
or do without

Thats how I was brought up.

I'm sorry to say I've lost some of that ability.

Walker said...

I'm with you. I spend my extra cash when i have it on sales. I figure get what i can now before theyw ake up and jack it up again