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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogging Towards Home

My homeward trip was made more enjoyable by meeting up with quite a
few blog buddies, photos are included.

Please click to enbiggen.

This one is of myself and Vicki (who is a virtual blogger only at this stage) I reopened
an old blogsite for her in the hope that she will use it, who can tell??

Next port of call was to visit with my sister Merle at Shepparton.

On to Yarrawonga for a visit with a long time friend Jeanette, a gentle nudge at the
gates of Bacchus helped make the visit a pleasure.

Next came an unexpected visit with my ex, Julie, she is another virtual blogger but
may develop at her craft site, time will tell.

I must admit that I don't blog with "the Dog who sits on the tucker box 5 miles from
Gundagai" but I do like the old song of the same name so stopped for a photo.

This lovely lady is Karisma, aka Lisa, she has offered so much support to Vicki
that a visit became a must do!!

Peter aka WT or The Dingo, was the next on the list, a very informative time
with a most affable host, regular readers of WT will be amazed to see a photo
without any of his dogs or cats!!

This is the final stop before I head for home at Gympie on Sunday
The Incredible Bulk aka Warren or Wazza has been a friend for a
little over 30 years, so its fair to say we know each other well, I'm
going to try to re-ignite the urge to blog in him while I'm here.


kenju said...

Peter, I am sure your trips are made more interesting and less tiring by the frequent visiting! Enjoyed the photos.

What is the Tucker Box?

Jamie Dawn said...

How wonderful that you got to visit so many blog buddies!
Thanks so much for sharing all those pictures with us.
God bless Vicki and continue to improve her health!!

Happy Easter Weekend!!!!!
Eat some chocolate for me since I am on a diet and won't be indulging.

WT said...

I don't know who that person in the photo is, but it's not me! I am much younger and considerably thinner than that bloke.

ChrisB said...

Hi Peter I enjoyed seeing the photos especially the beautiful Karisma and of course WT.
Happy Easter.

Jack K. said...

I bet WT would say he is considerably more handsome too. lol

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. There is something wonderful about visiting old friends. The wine is quite appropriate too.

A toast to you, your family, your friends and your wonderful country.

karisma said...

Haha! I was just thinking WT looks nothing like his pictures Ive seen so far! LOL! Are you sure thats him (cough cough, I would not know as I only know his "voice).

Glad you made it ok. Hugs all round. The healing web is up and running!

Cliff said...

I'll soon quit laughing but not too soon. This last pic has gotten to me I'm afraid. Up until now I've only thought of Warren as crazy...not unstable.
Thanks for the Easter greeting.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Now that's the best photo I've seen of Warren...photogenic, isn't he?

Welcome back to Queensland, Peter, glad you had a safe trip.

Pamela said...

What a lucky guy you are, getting to see all those famous bloggers. The other thing Wazza could be is the Grinch, trying to steal the lime light (serious lime) from the Who's you also visited.

Pamela said...

ps. if you embiggen the photo of WT, there appears to be a body in the backseat of the car ??? (:

WT said...

Pamela, I don't need to be embiggened any more than I already am thank you.

Jack K. WTF? you don't even know me and yet you call me ugly! Now if you were talking about Wazza I could understand, after all he's green with envy at how handsome I am.

Walker said...

That's quite the blogging road trip and the Increable bulk in the end looks scary enough to stop dead in your tracks for a few pints

Happy Easter to you and Yours

Karmyn R said...

How fun! It is great to see some pictures of blogging buddies!