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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Mild Flood for Gympie

As a special welcome home present for me... Gympie turned on a little
flood, not a fully fledged monster like we had 10 years ago when the
Mary river rose 22 metres, this one was just a little 12 metre flood.

Gympie has a North side (where I live) and a South side (where I lived 10 years ago
when big flood happened, North and South are connected by two bridges, this
photo shows the river rising at the lowest of the two bridges, this is normally the
busiest bridge (except when its under water).

This is what the "Kidd Bridge" looks like when you can't see it,as we couldn't
for three days last week.

This is usually a lovely little track down to a boat ramp and picnic area.

Compared to the major flooding that has been happening over the last 2/3 months
in North Queensland this one was just a pup, never the less we are looking at a
damages cost of over a $ million and it never even flooded a single building.
As the February bushfires in Victoria so clearly showed, the forces of nature can
make mans efforts look quite puny.
I've got about half of my unpacking and stowing away done, thankfully there's
no hurry.

Hooray, until next time we meet.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Well now you know that John and I were
talking about. I am glad the flood was no worse and
I know you are up on a hill,
just wasn't sure you would be able to get to it.
I guess it is really good to be home after so long.
All OK here and my pain has lessened thank goodness.
It's good to feel better after so long. Take care, Love, Merle.

karisma said...

Ah yes we have had floods, but the worst part for us was no power for four days, it nearly killed the kids LOL! It was so so cold that year, hence the reason we bought that wood fire oven. Its a wonderful addition to the family.

I hope the floods don't increase, we have just copped rain and cold winds today after a couple of very warm days.

kenju said...

Sorry, Peter. I guess if I had to choose between fire and water I'd take water every time!!

Jack K. said...

The forces of nature have a way of making us humble. Too bad some of us can't maintain that humility longer.

Glad to know you are safe and dry.

Great photos. Not so great flood. They never are.

Marcus said...

"Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink".

Glad you are settling back into life at home Pop.
Are you and Greenie going to see Simon & Garfunkel? It was you who introduced them to me in the first place. There's a second show in Brisbane, although the tickets are not cheap.

Pamela said...

so unfortunate the water couldn't be diverted and saved for drought.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Are you growing webbed feet or scales, yet? Glad you weren't affected by all that water, but it's been lovely to see the sun for the last four days, hasn't it?

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, Glad your up on the high side and not affected by the floods. A freak of nature you with floods, and Dust storms here..

Christina said...

hi peter, too bad about the flooding - it's either drought or flood isn't it. I wish you could have sent of that rain my way!

Walker said...

I can't imagine what flooding is like, well besides the swimming pool full i found in my basement one night i have never experienced that kind of trouble on a larger scale.It must be especially hard for those families stuck in their homes.