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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun Monday May 11

Faye of Summit Musings
is our hostess for Fun Monday this week.

Heres da rules according to Faye.

So, as your host for the upcoming Fun Monday, I'm asking you to think about gardening. Do you consider yourself a gardener? Or, just the lawn keeper? When you think of your home, is it important that there are growing and flowering plants in your home landscape?
........ she went on with a bit more stuff but you get the idea!!!!!

First and foremost I must state clearly for the record, I AM NOT A GARDENER, there is not the slightest trace of green on my thumbs, and I have been known to kill a plant simply by smiling at it.
This has not stopped me from time to time thinking that I may have shed the "killer" gardener streak, I venture forth and buy a heap of plants... this usually happens around Spring time when plant growth is so vigorous that it takes a few weeks for my killer talent to win over natures vigor, this causes me to think that at last I'm going to have some plants survive... But NO!!!
I have a talent for growing weeds that would rival the best gardeners out there but if its something that would be chosen as a thing of beauty worth growing, I can kill it in double quick time.
To perhaps illustrate this point best, you will recall that I have been away from home for about 3 months during this time I have had the lawns mowed by a contractor, we had lots of rain and the garden grew like crazy (I wasn't home to kill it!!!) so the contractors weeded, pruned and sprayed away merrily and my garden was happy.
If I can bear the pain of more photos later I'll show you how to undo all their good work.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

Not a trace of green to be seen. (but cop that lifeline!!)

During one of my bursts of optimism I hung all these baskets, installed an automatic watering system, and was briefly as one with nature.

A photo from this morning shows the total devastation of this scheme now (please note that the third basket from the right contains a weed known as the spider plant)

During another burst of energy I planted a few things in the front garden.

During my absence things have flourished... we'll see what happens next. (At least the house looks better with the full verandah and paint job.)

Now go and read what the gardening fraternity have to say about their exquisite little gardens of Eden while I console myself with a cold beer.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Alas, Peter. We cannot all be gardners. I must admit to having had my share of failures, but I think I'm relatively successful on the whole. My mum has the most wonderful garden. She looks at a plant and the next thing it's twice its height. Sigh...that's never happened to me.

WT said...

I'm the same as you, I'll occasionally put stuff in the ground, but what happens next is up to nature.

Personally I like the 'before' picture of your house.

Peter said...

Is it because it was painted "nipple pink" for the suckers WT?

Jan said...

Love you story. I know you're glad to be back home. I have success with my garden, but it has a lot to do with luck.

Pamela said...

beer is good in the garden. You put some in a bowl and it attracts the nasty little creatures like slugs.

Peter said...

Beer is better in the gardener when he reaches my high standards Pamela.

Mariposa said...

You made me laugh...on the hanging baskets!

I love your front yard...and the greens...the green carpet as what Faye calls it!

Ari_1965 said...

I think I like the idea of gardening better than the gardening itself. And weeding...it's never done. That's the reason I hate dusting and most other housework. I like to do things that are done when I'm done, not just temporarily done.

Dave said...

Wow, looks like the bushes out front are taking over the house!!!

Lil Mouse said...

i think you should just pay to have someone keep an eye on things, if you like it well enough! or just get a landscaped area that you can oogle and let nature take it's course with!

Gattina said...

You are right we have the gardening "spirit" in commun, lol ! Only the plants like me, even if I forget to water them. I don't know why.

Big Dave T said...

I am trying desperately to save my lawn which seems to want to change into moss and weeds. Earlier this spring I planted a combination of fertilizer, grass seed and mulch. That should patch up my bare spots, I thought. But no. So far all I see is dandelions. They loved the stuff, whatever it was.

Christina said...

I am definitely NOT a gardener! I have a few potted plants that are barely clinging to life. My spider plants are doing well, though - those things are virtually indestructable.

Sayre said...

If those shrubs get any higher, that veranda will feel like a tree fort!

There is no shame in hiring someone to do the work if you don't want to do it (or will kill everything if you do).

Me? I keep trying anyway. Something in me wants to grow a green thumb.

Ralph said...

Sometimes the best thing about gardening is the cold beer.

Janis said...

your landscape looks good to me. Very lush and green. Thanks for sharing.

Marcus said...

Those are some powerful genes Pop, I got a whole ute load of them.
Would have been more helpful if I'd inherited the financial management genes instead!



Faye said...

I'm still trying to decide whether to get offended by the Aussie saying that I "go on", but since it's true will climb down off my high horse!:-) Plus, am not messing with a guy who has a lifeline like yours!

As to your gardening efforts, I recommend that you continue to use your discretionary funds for a paid garden "hand" and cold beer.

The Church Lady said...

I know just how you feel about gardening, but it looks like we share a liking to potted plants and flowers. Your home looks lovely and inviting.

Mariposa said...

Hi! As you all know, I hosting next weeks Fun Monday. ;-) Check it out and sign up now... :-)

Cliff said...

The hanging baskets look like the wash from an atomic blast may have come thru there.
My wife has the green thumb when it comes to gardening but I wax her on the corn and beans.

Walker said...

There you go.
You're a weed farmer.
You should stick to what you;re good at.
Flowering weeds.
Just watch out what kind of weed your grow LOL