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Friday, May 29, 2009

A South Australian Delivery

Surprise, surprise, I'm going to visit my other home (in SA) again... before any alarm bells start ringing though this trip isn't related to either Vicki or Rex' health, although it will be great to see them again.
This time it has to do with a long time friend of the Fosters, who has become a friend of mine as well, he bought a Toyota Land Cruiser with an extended chassis here in Queensland and was discussing how best to get it to SA with Vicki and Rex when someone who shall remain nameless suggested... Oh Dad would drive it over for you!!!!!
So rising nicely to the bait I rang Wazza to see if he could get a week of work and come for a trip to SA with me... he managed to do this so we are off to pick up the vehicle tomorrow (Saturday May 30) and we once more will set forth on another adventure.
You can expect to hear a bit more of this trip over the next week or so, its impossible to spend a week with Wazza without lots of photos and lots of joviality which I will try to share with you.

Here is the vehicle in question and the driver in question too, the vehicle started its life as an 80 series Land Cruised wagon if you look carefully you can see the curve of the rear wheel arch just behind the rear door, this has been converted into one of the many storage compartments, the chassis was extended by about 80 centimetres and the trayback was then added.

The first of quite a few fuel stops in our journey, I'm expecting to get between 16 and 20 MPG and
we have about 1200 miles to go.
Will be back once we get to Adelaide.


WT said...

You do like your driving don't you!? Have a safe trip. How are you getting back?

The good news is that if Wazza starts to send you crazy, you can make him sit on the trayback.

kenju said...

Peter, have a safe and happy trip. I can't believe you are setting off again! I hope the truck owner will pay for your gas.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Have a safe trip and you and Warren be on your best behavior.
I hope Vick and Rex are both doing well, will be glad to hear what you think. John took Bec and me to buy
a Bio Magnetic Underlay and Bec put it on for me. They are very comfortable aren't they? Mine was
$30 more than yours. Bec is back in
Brisbane tonight. So I am on my own again ~ naturally. Take great care
Love, Merle. Hi Warren!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

OMG, not you two ranging the countryside and causing havoc together! Still at least here in Brisbane it'll be peaceful...

Have fuuuun...and drive safely, or I'll kill you both!

Lyn said...

Good for you Dad...hope you and Warren have a safe trip..Alan did try to call you for your birthday last week but with no luck i think.
Love Lyn x

Dave said...

Friend of the Fosters? You mean the BEER people? *LOL*

Safe trip Peter..!