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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dust Buffalo's on the move

You might recall that I spent 3 months away from home recently?

Well a couple of weeks after I got home I spilled a glass of water in the kitchen... it took an hour or so before I regained enough traction in the mud to get out of there!!!
Not being one to make hasty decisions.... about a week or so later I thought I had either better clean up a bit or plant something, not wanting the bother of harvesting a huge crop of marijuana I opted for a clean up.

Now I know you have all come across "dust bunnies" (when you've been visitin' an' the like....)
Well let me introduce y'all to "dust buffalo's" at first I thought they were "dust wallabies" but they were much larger and more active than that.
After I spent a couple of hours roundin' 'em up this lot were corralled in the bathroom

Elated with my successful roundup I went in search of new frontiers to tackle, it wasn't long before they started to turn up either!!!
At my current rate of progress I'll have the Vacuum cleaner out by early September to give the carpeted areas a good goin' over too.

So as this message I unearthed says.... Its time for you to move over Pamela and let the buffalo rancher through.


karisma said...

LOL! How embarrassing for me! I have not been anywhere and my room looked like that. Took me all day to clean it. Its amazing how quick dust builds up, especially under the bed. Oh well, it nice and clean now.

Hugs xxxx

Dave said...

Wow!!! Those are dust buffalo's!

But... that's to be expected when you're away for 3 months... *S*

Christina said...

A friend of mine had a cute sign in her house the said "Feel free to write in the dust, just please don't date it!"

Puss-in-Boots said...

Did you name your dust buffaloes? I name my dust bunnies...and they come when I call them, too. Why not grow marijuana?...I hear it's a pretty lucrative business as long as the coppers don't get there first.

kenju said...

I'm surprised you didn't have more dust buffaloes after being gone that long!!

Rachel said...

I'm always amazed at how those dust bunnies can appear and then turn into dust buffalos! I have plenty of them here more often than I like!!

Jamie Dawn said...

My floor is the dirtiest it's ever been!! I haven't lifted a finger to vacuum or mop since my dad arrived for his visit. It's been over three weeks now. I guess you have me beat though since you were gone and didn't do any cleaning for longer than that.
I LOVE the pics of all your dust. Those truly are larger than dust bunnies!!
You crack me up, Peter!
A little dust never hurt anyone... unless they were deadly allergic to it.


Ralph said...

This post gave me a great laugh - Thanks. Dust Buffalo's is aterm that won't easily be forgotten.

Cliff said...

You're my kinda man Peter.
I think you might consider firing the housekeeper.
I can't complain. It all looks familiar.
On the slide posts below. Stuff like that always seems like something I'd do. But don't.
I congratulate you on the effort.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ The DUST shots cracked me up! I am sure your dust bunnies were happy for your return? ~ jb///

Shammickite said...

I'm having a new kitchen installed right now, and it won't be finished for at least another couple of weeks.... a great excuse to put off chasing dust bunnies for a while, right?

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, After 3 months away I would have expected a herd of Buffalo to have gone through the house..

Pamela said...

bwaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha.

Pamela said...

ps. is there anyway we could turn this into a multi-million dollar venture?