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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Its not much further to Wudinna!!!!

We have been on the move again!! Rex, who is recovering well from his recent surgery, decided that he was indispensable at Wudinna so we went home to the farm for a few days.

In truth, he is a born and bred farmer who was starting to get bored in the city!!!

This put paid to the idea that Wazza and I would have a look around at some of the sights close to Adelaide, luckily Wazza is pretty easy going and fits in with whatever is happening.

I have posted some more photos…. Makes for a quick and easy way to do a post and will finish the story of our weeks adventure sometime soon, we fly out of Adelaide to Brisbane tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and there is a public holiday on Monday so we will be able to catch our breath then.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

Just to finish "The Gnomes" story here we are with the instigator (and chief make up lady) receiving our instructions.

The lake and parkland at the Adelaide unit is now all green and beautiful after getting some good rainfall.

There is a fair bit of limestone in some of the paddocks so they were "stone rolling" to crush the limestone, each of the 3 rollers weighs about 30 tonnes so they do a good job on the rocks.

There is also quite a few granite outcrops in the area, the memorial to the local farming community was designed and made by a local artist, it looks pretty impressive in the flesh.

This encouraged us to visit one of the granite outcrops, Pindalpa Rock, for a look around... it too is quite impressive.

Here we have Rex and Vicki (Rex was very good and stayed with the car so he wouldn't put any strain on his operation.

Vicki on the other hand was really feeling well and clambered all over the rocky outcrop.

Wazza is seen here invoking the wrath of the storm gods who were gathering behind him, they sent down a torrent of rain upon us but we survived to tell the tale.

Vicki's dog Timmy really enjoyed running up, down, and around on the rock and showing us just how fit he was and how unfit we were.

Here the two of them are waiting for Wazza and I to catch up!!!!!!

We were tempted into all this exercise by the promise of some good "taddying" in the pools on top of the rock, for those who might not know about Taddying, it is the collecting of tadpoles that hatch from eggs laid in the pools by frogs, this is a time honoured occupation which we were only to keen to participate in... but alas, there wasn't a taddy to be found.

Rex is seen here resting with his wheat collar on after the adventure.

Here are some other goats out for some exercise, these are feral animals and are plentiful in some parts of Australia.


Jack K. said...

Peter, it was great to see photos of Rex and Vicki and know they are in good health.

Rex did the right thing about not overdoing things. Timmy made a great substitute for him.

I understand how you and Wazza had to take it a little easier. It isn't right to outshine the youngsters. lol

We more mature folks don't need to prove ourselves anymore. snerx.

Thanks for the photos.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I can't get over how well Vicki looks! What a difference to a few months ago.

I love the look of some of that country in WA...it just begs for one to take a rest from driving and to do a bit of rock clambering. I'm afraid it'd probably be beyond me to bound up there, too!

It's really great to have good news about Vicki and Rex...they certainly deserve it.

Now you and Warren behave...don't go upsetting the locals.

kenju said...

That rock climbing looks like a lot of fun and so does the doggie!

Julie said...

It is good news about Rex and to see Vicki looking well again
Not so good to see a skinny Julie is some of your latest posts
Will be nice to fly back instead of facing another long drive.
I am off to Victor Harbour, Kangaroo Island and Tanunda on Tuesday

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Wonderful photos of Vicki and Rex, and I hope Rex doesn't try to get stuck in to heavy work too soon. I didn't know there were so many rocky outcrops in South Australia. I hope you are safely in Brisbane by now -- 6pm.
Take care, Love to you and Warren.

Peter said...

I must express a special welcome to a brand new commenter "Julie" if you are a regular here you will know that this is no other than my most charming "Ex", thanks for stopping bye Jules.

Cliff said...

I notice some pretty happy and fairly healthy folks in this blog. Indeed a treat knowing what everyone has gone thru.
However when I got thru with your last post it left me wondering who was supposed to be watching the asylum? Really good stuff. Wish I could have been there.

Walker said...

Great pictures.
Vicki looks good in the picture with the two clowns.
The ones on the rocks were stunning.
The amount of time you run back and forth you should just get a camera crew along and have your own reality show on Australia

Pamela said...

how does one know if he/she is going to encounter one of those deadly snakes we all read about. (showing my stupid meter here I guess(