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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hair styles of the poor & infamous.

Home as far as Wazza's in Brisbane after a 2.5 hour flight instead of a 25 hour drive between Brisbane and Adelaide.
As the weather has cooled down with the onset of our winter (mild though it may be by comparison with some other places) I have been letting my hair grow in the hope that it will insulate my head a bit, the supply of hair is fairly sparse so I’m working on a “double reverse comb over with a cow lick front and a degree of difficulty of 7.5).
At the moment its about 1 inch long instead of the normal 1/8th of an inch so in another month or so it should be about right to do the comb over from each side to the centre, I know you will all be anxious to see the result so I’ll keep the photos coming, my favourite daughter is most keen to see how it turns out I know so stay tuned Vicki.

Click on photos to enbiggen.

This pic shows Wazza and I sharing a glass of red to ward of the cold last winter.

This one shows the preparatory work that has gone into the double reverse comb over style that is to come.

It can be clearly seen that I come from good stock when it comes to the head covering that needs the above style, this was my dear old Dad at 90 years of age, I hope I got some of those genes as well as the hair style.


kenju said...

I think you must have his genes, Peter, but why don't you just wear a hat? It seems easier to me than the comb-over....LOL

Jack K. said...

I think kenju is on to something. lol

Christina said...

Good luck with the hair... but I agree, a hat may be easier!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Why not shave it all off? Saves all the angst about comb overs (eeewww).

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Give the comb over a try but keep a hat handy. Don't shave it all off or you will look like Chris Judd or Gary Ablett --you wish.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Dave said...

I have to admit Peter, it's always great to see two good friends sharing a bottle of wine... *S*

wazza said...

Peter quoted "in another month or so it should be about right to do the comb over". Ha, methinks it would be more like a year or two before Peter can do the "make over" and then that would be a sight to see!!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Peter, I don't think you should worry about it one way or another...you handsome devil. I personally think you would look very dapper in a hat if you choose to do that; but I could also see you shaving it all off and looking perfectly great too. That's very 'IN' now , you know.

Marti said...

You're cute no matter what you do with your hair! Sorry for not being around much - hugs to you!

Miss Cellania said...

Just grow more beard. It grows faster than head hair, doesn't it? Then you can comb the beard all around your head!

Walker said...

I say let it grow until you can tie it into a pony tail.
Tell everyone you are related to Willie Nelson

Pamela said...

how about just a toupee?