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Friday, July 10, 2009

Vicki is celebrating her birthday

It is well known within the family that I very much like cheese cake!!!!!!!

My punishment for not attending Vicki's 50th it seems is to be tortured with provocative photos of all the cheese cake I am missing out on.... I can assure my tormentors that I am well aware of the consequences of my decision not to attend the function being held at the Foster ranch at Wudinna.

While it is always disappointing to miss out on a feast of cheese cake it is much more so to miss the chance to see the family members who will be in attendance, as well as my favourite daughter I am saddened to miss seeing Alan, my oldest son, (he who sits grinning as he contemplates eating my share of said cheese cakes) Alan recently had a very bad fall which resulted in a fractured skull and a week in hospital, so it would have been nice to see him and his lovely wife Lyn, alias "the ferret" (a long story!!).

I'm guessing that the shadow of the photographers head which is in the photo belongs to one who desires to be known as my favourite son-in-law, he has on occasion gained this status but I should hasten to warn him
that tormenting me with photos of cheese cake I'm not going to have a share of is not the best way of getting to be FSIL!!!!

Please click on the photo to enbiggen it.

The gathering is being held as a "thankyou" to all the kind folk who have been so supportive of Vicki over the last 12 months when her health has been a very real worry at times, and also of Rex during his recent bout with prostate cancer, they are both enjoying very good health at the moment and we pray that this continues.
If you are a regular reader here you will already know of the troubles that have befallen them over the last year or so, and for those who do know the story, you have most probably offered some kind words or prayers for them during this time...
please join us in a "virtual party" to celebrate Vicki's birthday and their good health, thank you one and all!!!
it doesn't hurt that at this stage of the year they are looking forward to what has been a very elusive thing over the past decade... A GOOD YEARS HARVEST... too early to start cheering yet but the signs are good.

My favourite Daughter’s turning 50.

My little girl is turning 50

Don’t ask how this can be

Its seems such a short time

Since she bounced upon my knee.

Gone are the stages of her life

The joy, tears, and traumas of her youth

She is now a woman, mother, and a wife

May she get some peace now in her life.

She’s been a friend to many

One of the very best

You’ll never find her lacking

When she’s put to life’s test.

So to all who have gathered round her

To help celebrate this night

Make sure you have a good time

And make her night just right.

From a loving Dad.


Ralph said...

Happy Birthday to Vicki!!
Kids sure do grow fast don't they.

Jack K. said...

Peter, what a great post.

I know, from the emotions of your poem, that you have forgiven them all for teasing you with the photo of such lovely cheesecakes. They do look delicious confections. Do I detect something with chocolate on it? Yes, I did and the chocolate cake is most tempting. I shall have to have something chocolate at dinner tonight.

As for the Poem. It brought tears to my eyes. You are a fine poet. It is obviously written from the heart.

Knowing what Vicki and Rex have been through this past year, it is wonderful to know that they are both doing well.

Please forward my Happy Birthday greeting to Vicki. May she have many more. She does deserve them.

kenju said...

Happy Birthday, Vicki - and many more to come!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

So you have decided not to go to Wuddina, Peter? What a pity to miss the occasion.

Here's to many birthday wishes for Vicki and I hope both she and Rex have a wonderful year to make up for the crap in the past year or so.

Beautiful poem, too, Peter. Very heartfelt.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Vicki!!!

Cliff said...

I think that being a part of this virtual party is grand but none of us got a taste of the cheese cake either. hmmm. Do you still have my address?
Your poem was very touching to me knowing what you all have gone thru. You've got a great family and it shines thru. Your good kids didn't just happen, you obviously did a great job as Dad. Blessings on everyone. cm

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I am sure the party would have gone very well and happily Alan looks quite well.so I hope that is the case. Great that Vicki and Rex are both well and pray they remain so.
I had no Internet yesterday, and you
sure do miss it, even for a day.
John has put a new desk together for
me and it is nice. have some sorting out to do to get it organised.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Peter ~~ Love the poem as
no doubt Vick would too.

Go buy yourself a cheesecake.
Bye, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, Happy belated birthday wishes to Vicki. those cheese cakes look so yummy go shout yourself one with a lovely topping of your choice.
You have made a mess of the car cant afford to take your eyes off the road for a second in traffic not like driving in the country,,

Didnt find your fishing tackle but a lot of rubbish, U name it it was there. Trolleys bikes bins etc and even a stolen car..

Dave said...

Beautiful post Peter.... I don't know that I could have resisted the cheesecake! *L*

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Thanks for your congrats on my health report. I had one tablet halved and only to do blood test every second day. Glad you are realising my plight - not driving -even to post a letter or to go get something I forgot etc. Seems a fair while to get your car back - maybe it won't be that long. You could ring for a taxi if you need things. It's not it's forever.
That garden got a few comments. Rocrebelgranny sent it to me. They would have to have a good water pressure and use a hose,or it's just a joke. I got a nice e mail from Vicki and it sounds like they had a lot of fun. Take care, Love, Merle.

Rachel said...

I do hope her birthday was a lovely event Peter! I'm sorry you missed the cheesecake!! It's all very tempting looking with that yummy cake there too!! I'm more of a cake person than cheesecake person, but cheesecake is good too! No doubt the next time I eat cheesecake I'll think about you!

Lovely poem you wrote for your dear daughter. She is lucky to have a father like yourself.

I hope your son is also doing well after his fall, and is all healed up now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad
Yes I am lucky to have a dad like you - I only wish you could have shared in the joy of our party. It really humbled me to have so many lovely family and friends there to wish us well. And now to read these messages from your wonderful blogging friends - all I can say is THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart. I am truly blessed.
Much love, Vicki xox

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm very late to the party, but my heartfelt birthday wishes are the same. I hope Vicki had a most wonderful day...beautiful in every way...as she so truly deserved to have. Happy Birthday sweet lady...you are very loved; and you have quite a wonderful dad indeed. Much love to you all, Joy

Marti said...

Belated birthday wishes to Vicki! What a beautiful tribute.

Hope this finds you well - have missed you! Big hugs!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm late for the party, but I send belated BIG HIP HOPPITY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to Vicki, your favorite, wonderful daughter!!!!!
Happy 50th!!! I wish her many more years filled with happiness and good health.
I am so glad that she and Rex are both doing much better, and I pray that good health continues. They sure deserve a break from health problems!!
I also wish them both a GREAT and bountiful harvest!!
It would be wonderful to read good news about them having a record harvest. They've had a very hard time this past year, and I hope the coming months are filled with good things.
Cheesecake is so YUMMY!!! I want some right now!


Maria said...

Peter, You and I are much to young to have children celebrating their fiftieh birthdays. If you are like me, it seems only yesterday, that we celebrated our own big 50. . . not twenty some yeas ago. How fast time flies.

Happy Birthday, Vickie and good health to both you and to Rex.

And Peter for heaven sake, go find a piece of cheese cake somewhere and just sit back and enjoy it. You deserve to pamper yourself a little.

Pamela said...

I'm too late for cheese cake. Darn.

Happy birthday anyway Vicki