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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun Trivia Quiz

UPDATE As well as Australia the topics are animals, General knowledge, World trivia, Geography, and Movies, I don't get to choose the questions, only the categories so if the Australian ones stay as sporting specific I will change the category.
Come and try it... remember, winning isn't everything.

I have been playing (and getting badly beaten) Fun Trivia on WT's blogsite for quite a while and although my talents are strictly limited have enjoyed the experience.

Accordingly I bit the bullet and set up a new quiz here at holtieshouse, there is a slight emphasis on Australia but it isn't sufficient to mean that players from other parts of the world need feel intimidated.

Just click on the invitation to play on my sidebar and join in the fun, a word of warning results are based on correct answers AND time taken (this is often my downfall!!)


kenju said...

I need not feel intimidated??? Holy cow, Peter. I have no idea about AU sports!

I guessed on 2 of them - and got them right - but I didn't even try to answer the rest.

Jamie Dawn said...

I am SO HAPPY you posted Blogging Without Obligation. Those words mean a lot to me because I have not had the time to keep up with my blog like I used to. It is true that it is my blog and should be done on my schedule and without feeling like it is a chore. I needed to read that!!!!

I will take your quiz now.
If I flunk, I sure hope you don't think i am a total dunce. Really, I am a genius in hiding.


willowtree said...

My problem is that while I follow AFL and watch lots of it, I'm not a student of its history. Plus my guys were out halfway through the year, so I sort of lost interest. Now, if we had Johnathon Brown things would be different.

kenju said...

Now that was more like it, Peter. Today's quiz didn't stump me as much as the first one did.....LOL

Pamela said...

I keep forgetting about those darn quizzes, but they were fun.

Now I'm on Facebook and I stay away from games and quizzes.

I don't know where people get the time.