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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Social events of note.

I don’t usually do news and social events posts, but this one just seemed to good to pass up.

About twenty years ago a prominent Sydney plastic surgeon named Dr Geoffrey Eddleston came to prominence when he purchased a controlling interest in the “Sydney Swans” AFL football club, his influence (and money) led to some success for the club and MANY headline stories about Dr Geoff.

Now some twenty years later at age 66 he is back in the news again, his football allegiance is now with “The Blues” a Melbourne team but it is his romantic dalliance with 25 year old Brynne Gordon that has the social world in a whirl.

Last Saturday in a 3 million dollar extravaganza at the Crown Casino in Melbourne the happy couple were wed…. to say that this was a bang up party would be underselling it badly…. The wedding invitations were sent out via a 15 minute DVD featuring Jason Alexander and Fran Drescher, I’ll say no more!!!

Brynne greeted the guests from a helicopter that had been dismantled, then reassembled to get it into the Crown Ballroom, the said guests were the Cream??? of Melbourne’s society all trying desperately to out-do one another, again I’ll say no more.

The closing line of the news coverage that we saw is what really prompted this post… “Geoffrey and Byrnne left the party at 2.30 am as Dr Eddleston had to be “at work” at 6.30 am, Brynne also said that after she recovered from the wedding night??? She would be looking for a job too."

My quiet comment that the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets was vacant at the moment gave at least our family a good laugh… as did the whole almost obscene wedding.

Please click to enbiggen... The photo that is !!!

a17776461-600x400 (800 x 533)These photos got a wide coverage

(pun intended) after the Brownlow Presentation, a major function on the AFL calendar. When asked by a reporter whether she felt cold in her outfit, Brynne innocently?? replied, “Oh no it has sleeves”.

One can’t help but wonder whether the good Doctor has been practicing on both Brynne and himself of late??????????


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Aw Gee, didn't you get an invite?
At least they had the decency to say no wedding presents, give donations to charity instead. Supposedly she wore $500.000 worth diamonds on her
dress etc. Take care, Love. Merle.

Pamela said...

oh brother........

Dave said...

*ROTFL* Is she that dumb that she didn't understand the question???
Too funny...

Jack K. said...

I was going to make some comment about the facial work, or lack of it, but that would be in very bad taste.

Please disregard the previous sentence.

I hope they have a wonderful marriage.

Do you think there is a prenup agreement?

Walker said...

She must have been blowing in the wind went she bumped into him.

linda may said...

Funny that his helicopter crashed in Melbourne not long afterwards.