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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unconcious Mutterings 369

Not exactly sure where my mind was today.... some of these answers sound strange even to me!!!

  1. Teeth ::The shark has pearly teeth dear....

  2. Sweeten ::The deal

  3. Demons ::Melbourne AFL team nickname

  4. Pizza ::Cheap Tuesday

  5. Protector ::Robin Hood

  6. Smooth ::Sailing

  7. Coat ::Of many colours

  8. Pebbles ::Will rock you

  9. Pregnant ::Pause

  10. Sing :: A song of sixpence

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Dave said...

First post.. WHOO HOO!

I'd have done almost all the same as you Peter, except #8 Pebbles, I'd have said Bam Bam! *LOL*

Janell said...

Here's mine:
Teeth ::Brush and floss daily
Sweeten ::with honey
Demons ::Nothing to trifle with
Pizza ::Do you have an Australian special recipe?
Protector ::Comforter
Smooth ::Seagram's Extra Smooth Vodka - yum
Coat ::of paint
Pebbles ::I once met a lady by the name of Pebble. Her last name is Pearl. I tried very hard not to laugh when we were introduced.
Pregnant ::I'm not.
Sing :: to your heart's content!

Pamela said...

I love Dave's Bam Bam. I should have copied and written my responses.