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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unconcious Mutterings 373

  1. Burrito ::Is that some kind of a Mule?

  2. Spike ::My Grandson Jordan's nick-name.

  3. Tougher ::Than old boot leather.

  4. Mock ::Unreal.

  5. Slurp ::I try not to.

  6. Knock ::On wood.

  7. Conference ::A really big meeting.

  8. Madness ::I'm not qualified to speak about this.

  9. Minds ::Great ones think alike.

  10. Connection ::Reminds me of all the trouble hooking up TV / DVD.

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Lee said...

I mustn't have a "great mind" as I don't think I think like anyone else!!!

Dave said...

Am I the only one that would have said:
Mock: Turtleneck


Pamela said...

# Burrito ::Bean & Cheese

# Spike ::Lee

# Tougher :: Meat

# Mock ::orange

# Slurp ::peeeee

# Knock :: Knock, Who's there?

# Conference ::Parent/Teacher

# Madness ::Polticians Disease

# Minds ::over Matters

# Connection ::Missed Flight

Cliff said...

On your post below...Sandra Bullock has suddenly become available.
He soon to be ex is an idiot.