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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Gympie Wedding

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding on the weekend, I had the honor of being asked to be the official wedding photographer.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

The couple involved are my dear friends Ken and Jackie, they have been a couple for just a little more than the 15 years that I have known them, both had previous marriages that had not worked out, but that aside this is a couple who tick all the boxes for what it will take to be happy together for life.
I mentioned the honor of being asked to do the wedding photos, I made no mention of the terror I felt in case I stuffed them all up, just to add a little extra pressure... Ken is one of the best photographers I know and to live up to the standards that I knew he would expect... well lets just say it was a pressure cooker situation.
Enough about me though, it was a wonderful wedding, the guests consisted mainly of family members from both sides and a few very close friends, again I felt honored to be among those friends.
There were 5 of Ken and/or Jackie's children and I think 10 grandchildren, a lot of these people didn't know each other at all well but it was a joy to watch how beautifully they blended together, especially the grandkids who regardless of age or family played, mingled, danced and generally enjoyed the company of the others, a sure sign I believe that they have been brought up by loving and caring parents.
I also made mention of the fact that Ken is an excellent photographer, to reinforce this view I am including a link to his blog;
This site is a photographers heaven there are many examples of Ken's work and the best tutorials I have come across anywhere.... AND... by scrolling down the page just a little until you come across "The Wedding" on the sidebar you can join in the fun of being there.
I hope you enjoy the adventure.

And as a grand finale.. the vision in black at the extreme left is.. guess who.


kenju said...

A vision in black, indeed. The shadows on that group photo give it interest. A good looking group!

I can imagine your fear at messing up the photos!

Big Dave T said...

You are 'da man, Peter. Being a wedding photographer has to be one of the most high pressure jobs there are. We see professional photographers always getting sued by lamenting brides on our court TV shows. I'm sure you did wonderfully, based on the top photo here.

Lee said...

That's great, Peter and what a coincidence! I did similar last Friday at the wedding of my landlords' daughter. I took heaps of photos (though not the official photographer). I got some top shots and they are very pleased with them, as am I.

Lee said...

Btw...I had a look at all the pics, Peter to see if I might have recognised some faces, but I didn't. Where was the wedding held...it looks like a lovely setting?

Gattina said...

How nice ! I love weddings, in our age, it's more funerals to be invited to, lol ! but from what I can see you did a good job with the photos !

Dave said...

Very nice Peter!!!

Your friends look very happy... *S*

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ What a happy occasion and the photos are quite look.
Jackie has a beautiful smile and it was much on show. Ken looked happy too. As for the vision in black, you looked quite close to the water, but a vision never-the-less. I had an awful day yesterday, bit better today. John took me to Dr, then for
a radio-active injection and back after 3 hours for a full body scan
so after that I was completely beat.Hope you are doing well.
Love, Merle.

Ken Ferguson said...

Well peter, there is absolutely no need to belittle yourself as a photographer, as we really could not appreciate more, the fine photos you took for us and for the professional manner by which you conducted yourself at our wedding. And I can assure you, as you now well know, that is no mean feat. Thanks heaps! You are indeed d'main man!
From Jackie & Ken.

Joy Des Jardins said...

From the photos I saw...you did a great job Peter; they are really wonderful. What a great time..and you look very 'spiffy' Mr. Vision in Black.... Hugs, Joy

Puss-in-Boots said...

Why are you dressed in black?

The photos are great...you done really good. I gather you've figured out the new camera... It sounds as if the wedding was great and the weather looked perfect.

Walker said...

LOvely couple and the pictures are great so don't knock yourself. I have seen many of you pictures over the years and they have all been stunning