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Monday, April 05, 2010

Where has all the enthusiasm gone?

See I'm not dead...

just a bit disoriented!!

Has the blogging craze started to wane?

Or should I just seek out some new players?

Or should we all just sing "Auld Lang Syne" as we bury our blogsites?

At the time of writing my sidebar blogroll is crammed full of "Ho Huumm"

Now I'm as guilty as anyone else here Holtieshouse is down from almost daily to a couple of times a week, and those couple of times are "weak" efforts usually, Peter's Pictures last entry... 2 years ago, Poetry Galore last entry... 1 year ago.

My blog roll off 49 contains 19 sites that have not posted for 1 month or more, much more in a lot of cases, I must admit that 2 of these have an excellent excuse, they died, but in so many instances it appears to be more a lack of interest.

Of the remaining sites there are 7 who have not posted for between 1 and 4 weeks which leaves us about 20 who are posting at least semi-regularly, I make these observations only as observations not criticisms or notes of impending doom, it is never the less sad to see the enthusiasm that once fired us up now appears to be little more than embers in so many cases.

One who has done something different about this situation is my friend
Marti who has invited guest writers to fill in some of the voids that her very busy life has created.

I mentioned that 2 of my blogroll have departed for ever, they still have a place on my blogroll and in my heart.

Who's last post was on Oct 30 2008 RIP

And my old friend Hoss Who's last post was Feb 29 2009 RIP


FoxyMoron said...

Well the flipside to all that are bloggers like me who post regularly but don't have a lot of earth shattering things to say.
If you're interested in the new and improved excuses my kids have for getting out of going to school, what we're eating and what is growing in the garden, feel free to visit me! ;)

Jack K. said...

Methinks that blogs, like other activities, become passe. In this age of instant everything, we tend to look for the next wonderful time consumer. Besides, there seems to be more options for our time, e. g., Facebook, Myspace, Netflix, dinner with friends, emails, photography. Oh, and for some, there is that little thing called work.

Just sayin'.

Dave said...

Well, knock on wood, I'm still here.. and still read your blog with interest every chance I get Peter! *S*

Walker said...

Many have the Facebook bug and rather that than blog
I am not one of them but life has filled up since the kids moved back and Inia with her kids joined the brood.
I for one will not stop blogging.
I may blog 3-7 times a week between both blogs and rushing to catch up on people like you who still blog.

I guess it also comes down to why you blog.
I blog because i like writing and reading my own BS.
Some blog to socialize and Facebook fills that need much better.

Cliff said...

Yo Peter. I'm still here. Some of us may need something like Blogagra or a similar new product.
I think the facebook thing has been responsible for most of the demise but it does seem the blogosphere has turned into kind of a retirement home for writers.
Part of my problem has been having to have a fairly lengthy piece ready every two weeks for two different publications and it has begun to wear on me. It seems I usually just post them instead of what I should be doing.
btw loved the American Pie vid and the eggs and I still wish we had your Jacaranda trees here and you had ... oh never mind.
I'm going to send you an email now and I have a different address so check you spam filter.

Lee said...

Yeah...I must admit that I'm one of the guilty ones. I had a blogging hiatus that lasted for about 18 months and have only just got back into the swing of things again a few weeks ago. Now I try to blog twice a week. I was finding it was stealing so much of my time that I needed a bit of a break. But I am again back in the race!

Hope you had a nice Easter, Peter.

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter. Yep Im Guilty.

But had a good excuse while getting over eye surgery complications, and a contant flow of Dr. appoints back playing up and visitors.
Well all the family have all gone home, last left late yesterday..tomorrow Pennant. then hopefully get back to blogging more regular. Janxxx

Pamela said...

facebook stole a lot of people. I like playing scrabble on facebook - but other than that I'm not too enamored.

I've run out of energy for bloggin -- but I have hope. I have lots of stories and things to write. Some of it will take time and research on my part and like I said.. I'm having some issues.

I also think that people who have been blogging for several years lose some of the initial fascination. There are lots of new bloggers that will join the fun -- but you have to be willing to go through all the phases with them (I'm not. I don't want to repeat any memes. ha)

In the meantime, don't quit. Stick with me. I'll try to keep popping in.

JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Peter,

Well, I'm still around too-though I admit I don't visit as much as I once did! I DO still post a blog of my own-almost daily-and still put a lot of pictures on. ...But people don't visit me as much as they used to ! :( (lol-I know you hate those faces in posts, Peter- but you gotta put up with me for a moment- :)I have stuff to say here-and in my own way!)

What I think is happening is FaceBook has taken the place of blogging for a lot of folks! While I DO enjoy FB I don't think it is nearly as satisfying as having a daily blog! And while I DO like the way FB makes me feel like a kid again...with all the hearts,flowers,hugs and smiles being sent to each other- I like the more 'grown-up' way of blogging!

SOOO- I'm hoping ALL my blog buddies will return to me soon-and to you also, Peter!

Junie Rose

Puss-in-Boots said...

I actually think it's because we're filling our lives up with more and more "stuff". Well, I am anyway...

However, I still have to blog even if it's only once a week now...I can't give it up cold turkey.

Maria said...

I have slowed down too, but I am still here. I joined a Consortium and we write a post each Friday. In someways this is good, but it takes away from my daily blogging.

I have been blogging for at least seven or eight years.

I'll come visit more often. I promise.