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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its Complicated

Its seems a long time since I have really felt like writing a "proper" post, most of what I have posted recently has been pretty uninspiring at best and drivel at worst.
That said, my inspiration has come from the bargain basement... Cheap Tuesday at the local Video-Eze store, any DVD in store for $1.00 overnight hire.
Its been a while since I have been there so I reasoned that I would be able to find a couple of good movies to watch, my first selection "Serious Moonlight" starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton, both of whom I like, was a mild disappointment although funny at times.
It was my second selection that has me all fired up, the film "Its Complicated" has 3 actors in the lead roles who I must be honest and say are not my favourites... Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, Streep in particular has played in some excellent movies but has almost always managed to bring something to her roles that has irritated me in some way, but hey, that's just me.
So exactly what attracted me to this movie? I have a vague recollection that one of my blog buddies may have done a review of it some months before? if this is so I don't rcall who it was or even whether they liked the movie... but as most of us don't write about movies we don't like I'm guessing that it was favorable.
Back to what attracted me to it... I really can't say, it sounds like a potentially
funny "Chick Flick" with a cast that again had potential but were not actors I would choose a movie on, as the name suggests its complicated... having been through the stress of divorce I guess I felt a bit of a bond there but I really wasn't prepared for the impact that was to come.
Nancy Meyers, who wrote and directed Its Complicated has done an exceptional job, first with the script and then with her directing, the characters all come alive, Meryl Streep has once more managed to irritate me just a little with her seemingly over loud laughter and behavior in some scenes, but its all in keeping with the role she is playing so I'm sure its just sour grapes on my part.
This story explores the possibilities of the resurrection of a failed marriage, a thought that I must admit plagued my mind for several years after my own separation, so maybe that offers a clue as to why I enjoyed it so much? but I think the straight out sense of fun that prevailed was more to the point.
As so often happens, one of the minor actors managed to steal every scene he was in... I'm talking of John Krasinski as "Harley" the soon to be Son in-law, his performance was very good indeed.
Baldwin managed to play the self centered nice guy trying to win back the affections of his ex was very good also, even though I have admitted that he (and all the rest of the Baldwins) are not favourites.
Steve Martin as the "bruised by his own divorce" architect in charge of major extensions to Streep's home gives a creditable performance as well, while I am not encouraging the use of drugs in any way the "Pot" scenes are amongst the funniest I have seen.
Taken all round I would give this movie a 5 out of 5 and suggest that if you haven't seen it its one you shouldn't miss, I will be pleased to hear what you opinions are!!!!!

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Don't miss this one... watch it again if you've already seen it.

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