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Friday, July 16, 2010

10 things I don't understand

I have borrowed this from Susan a fellow blogger, thanks for the idea... I hope you don't mind.

Not that I'm suggesting there are only 10 things I don't understand... its more that these are 10 biggies.

(1) Computers, in fact technology in general;
This doesn't protect me from the impulse to want to get involved with each new idea that pops onto the technology horizon... well I have managed to resist the iniquitous Mobile (cell) phone.

(2) Women;
Now I'm not saying that I have anything against women, in fact if anything I am more than happy to spend time in their company... its just that I don't UNDERSTAND their thought processes or reactions to things that I find normal.

(3) Mathematics and Spelling;
How is it possible for there to be so many answers to any question that I apply my mind to and yet only one is correct... usually the one I didn't think of.

(4) Politics, on a local, national or world basis;
Is there a special "God" of politics that says that once elected all semblance of truth and decency must be abandoned?

(5) Dogs;
How can anything as loyal and intelligent as your average dog be sucked into believing that his master is worthy of the adoration that they give us?

(6) Aging, weight gain, hearing and vision loss;
I guess this is more a plethora of things against which I rebel than things I don't understand, surely in the overall plan of things there were better alternatives to... Mondays, Work, Aging etc!!!

(7) The distribution of wealth;
There is MORE than enough money in the world, its just that the HAVES and the HAVE NOT"S are separated by far too wide a gap.

(8) Blogging;
This one is a bit different to some of the others, I have a reasonable grasp on the mechanics of blogging what I don't understand is the emotional closeness it brings, to people we have never met and in most cases will never meet, who over a period of time become just as important to us as the "real" friends we have in our "real" lives.

(9) Airplanes and Ocean Liners;
Just how is it that anything the size and weight of a 747 or a ship laden with its full cargo can fly through the air or sail through a stormy ocean without falling/sinking... yeah I have a vague knowledge of flotation and aero-dynamics, but just let your mind play around with the improbability of these things!!!

(10) The World around us;
Whether you favour "Creation", "The Big Bang", "Evolution", or any other theory the amazing diversity of the plants, animals, natural weather patterns etc that surround us is beyond the comprehension of my mind, and I suspect yours too if you think about it.

(10a) Did I mention Women????

This was a project that I anticipated would probably take 30 minutes or so to complete but I found that the further I went the deeper became the water/thought process and the further from my original label of "humor" it became, so for now I'm not sure what label I'll use???
Maybe we'll go for "If it looks like a rose and smells like a rose......

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