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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Pinnacles WA.

The promised/threatened post about our trip to the Pinnacles!!!

Located 180 km north of Perth near the small township of Cervantes is the fascinating area known as "The Pinnacles" these limestone outcrop vary in size from needle like 2/3 inches to 15 foot high monsters, there are theories aplenty as to what causes them in this one area but as these are only theories I'm not going into them here, suffice to say there are thousands of them spread over about 100 acres.

This is on of the tallest at about 15 feet while the one alongside is about 6 feet tall but much bigger around the base.

They can occur in clusters of similar sized outcrops or as individual specimens.

We traveled in 2 cars as a family group to see the pinnacles and had a very pleasant day out until almost home when Alan's car ceased to function when the regulator on the alternator burned out allowing the battery to overcharge and overheat, while we waited for roadside assistance it got quite cool so rugs and jumpers came from everywhere.
This information is offered as an explanation for the attire in the previous post and it marked the end of a very pleasant family day out.

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