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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The trip continues

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An interesting cloud formation that adorned our sky today.

The trip is still on schedule and we are now at my sister Merle's at Shepparton, for those who read Merle's Blog will know that she has not been well lately, but I am pleased to report that she is much better than she was a few weeks ago... still has plenty of aches and pains and very limited energy but the fighting spirit seems to be coming back.
By comparison to sunny Queensland its a bit bleak here in Victoria, but spring is in the air so we are looking forward to some improvement in the near future.

I made mention of the fact that Bourke was located in our OUTBACK, this was our accommodation at the Kidman Camp... it began its life as a shipping container thus its width was only 8 feet to allow for road transport, the veranda attachment added to its visual appeal.

While the interior was pretty basic and a bit cramped it provided the needed place to sleep if not much else!!!!

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