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Friday, October 01, 2010

Kalgoorlie WA Superpit.

There is a historic town in WA called Kalgoorlie, it rates with the best of them when it comes to gold production and it is still producing at this time unlike some of our other very rich veins which have run out of viable deposits.

An Irish miner by the name of "Paddy Hannan" was the man who discovered gold in Kalgoorlie, the main street in town is named Hannan Street in his honor.

This mine "Poppet Head" takes pride of place at the top end of Hannan Street.

Also located nearby is the "Superpit" the enormous hole that has been carved from the gold bearing reef, this comes complete with roadways used by the giant (150 Tonne payload) trucks that bring the reef as it is shattered by explosive charges up to the surface.

As can be seen these roadways provide a fairly steep climb out of the pit

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