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Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 feet high and rising, so Johnny Cash sang.

Catching up on the flood news... we didn't quite make the forecast levels here in Gympie but it was enough to keep the Highway closed thus forcing the postponement of my eye surgery... Saturday Jan 22nd is the date for it now.

I believe the rest of Australia and indeed the world is being made aware of the Queensland floods, its 21 days since Rockhampton in North Queensland and Emerald in Central Queensland began this seemingly never-ending rain induced nightmare.

One of the worst hit areas has been Toowoomba (the garden city) where 5 inches of rain in 30 minutes sparked an inland tsunami, a wall of water roaring down the hillside and taking whatever it came across with it, in the Lockyer Valley below Toowoomba, the towns, farm buildings and equipment hundreds of cars and sadly 15 people, there are still 43 people missing so it appears very likely the death toll will rise.

It is now the turn of Brisbane , the States capital, flood levels were predicted to equal the record set in 1974, in fact they have fallen short of this by about 1 metre but are never-the-less creating huge problems for Queensland and in fact all of Australia... this State is the foodbowl for much of our fresh food... Fruit and Vegetables, Beef Cattle etc. so with up to 75% of the State flood affected and Brisbane being the main market centre things are going to get scarce and expensive.

There are now floods in the 5 States that make up our Eastern Seaboard making this the wettest Summer on record in many places and there is still over 1 month of Summer to go.

I am finding it difficult to watch the round the clock TV coverage without a tear coming to my eyes when you hear of the sad events and the tales of incredible bravery that are coming out daily.

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