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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I'll see your cyclone and raise you a hurricane!!!

I'm not sure whether people of other parts of the world are familiar with the saying when your luck is all running bad... " Gheess I must have run over a chinaman my luck is so bad"????

Our neighbors in North Queensland could be forgiven for thinking that someone from there was responsible for wiping out the Ming Dynasty... there has been a constant battle with flood waters since Christmas and now the biggest Cyclone on record is about to cross the coast line, winds up to 300 Km per hour and 500 mm of rain coupled with a storm surge of up to 7 metres are expected.

To put this into some perspective for readers in the USA our cyclones are rated at category 1,2,3,4,5.Cyclone Yasi is currently 500 km of the coast just below Cairns it is a category 3 storm at present expected to become a category 4 or 5 as it crosses the coast, again for perspective a Category 4 storm delivers wind gusts of 260 - 290 km per hour and a 5 has gusts of 300km per hour plus.

This is a Huge storm with a 500 km front if it maintains its current speed the eye of the storm may take an hour to pass over with winds of 300 km per hour on either side of that hour.

I am not the full bottle of knowledge on either cyclones or the Northern hemisphere's hurricanes
but I believe a category 4 cyclone is the equivalent of a major hurricane but on a much larger scale IE a 500 km front, for a bit more perspective Queensland is a BIG State, its about 1600 km (1000 miles) from Cairns to Brisbane so while we will probably get some rain from it down this way we won't experience any major problems

I'm not real big on prayers but if you are at all that way inclined the good people of North Queensland could certainly do with any help they can get over the next 24 - 36 hours and beyond.

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