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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friends come to visit.

A visit by old friends

Lorna & Allan at my front door.

I had a very welcome phone call last week from my friends of some 45 years Allan & Lorna, suggesting that if I could pick them up from the airport they would come and spend a week with me, I jumped at the chance because we only catch up every 2 or 3 years now.
Allan was the BP agent at Barwon Heads when I worked for BP... many years ago... we became firm friends during that time and have maintained the friendship ever since
We have relived many of the happy times we've shared over this past week and decided that it still seems to be working so we might as well remain friends.

Here are the happy couple proudly displaying the congratulatory message from Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary, with family and friends from near and far gathered around them it was a grand occasion indeed... and it was 5 years ago now!!!!
These two are living proof that if you choose the right partner, raise 5 children, have 24 grandchildren and 9 great grand children, all of whom love you life becomes a pleasure to enjoy.

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