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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Is it safe to sell?

My big Sister Merle suggested a topic for another post about Dad, Merle got it a bit wrong suggesting that Dad lost his wallet... several times.
In fact what happened was that when Dad and Ada finally agreed to "retire to the coast" I went down to their property at Rosewood to help with the arrangements for a clearance sale and property auction.
These sort of events tend to draw a fair crowd and we were kept busy with the sorting of things for the clearance sale, during the course of the morning I became chief negotiator between the auctioneer and Dad, I was roaming through Dads office when I spotted his "Safe" a small but very heavy document safe, "do you want to keep the safe Dad" I asked, after a brief pause he said "no I'm not likely to have any need of it now, do you want it Son?" "no I don't have anything of value that needs to be kept in a safe" I said.
"Okay put it in the sale then" said Dad, I queried whether it was empty and where the keys were as well as the combination for the lock, Dad assured me it was empty as he gave me the key and combination, my first quick look agreed that it was empty but as I stood up I noticed a small drawer built into the top of the interior, curiosity made me pull this drawer open and much to my surprise there was a bundle of bank notes totaling $1000.
I put this money in my pocket and went to find Dad, "are you sure there's nothing in that safe?" I asked, "of course I'm sure" said Dad, "well I just rescued this money from it" I said, after some sputtering Dad agreed that he must have forgotten about putting it there, he grabbed the roll and pushed it into his pocket, he was sitting in an old armchair at the time.
I left him there and went to arrange for the safe to be put into the sale line up, at about this time the auctioneer suggested that I ask Dad to come out so he could introduce him to the crowd.
As Dad stood up to comply I noticed a wad of bank notes by his side, he had missed his pocket and shoved them down alongside him when I had given them to him before.... "You seem pretty determined to get rid of this cash" I said, he made a grab for the money and made quite sure he got it into his pocket this time, giving it an extra pat for luck when I said "if I find it a third time you will never see it again".
From memory the safe sold for about $80 so the $1000 bonus when they opened their new safe would have been a great bonus.
Within a couple of weeks of the property sale they were settled into a lovely unit at the Gold Coast where they enjoyed a short retirement before old age came along and took them both away.

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