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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About Blogging.

Every now and again I feel compelled to shout out the reasons I love blogging, now that may sound a bit funny coming from one who only posts every couple of weeks or so and often the post will be just a joke or cartoon that has caught my eye.

OK so what brought this one on? this week I had my 75th birthday... the realization that I was now the same age as "Ol Horsetail Snake" was when I first discovered the magic that Gene wielded over his readers.... and him an old man in his 76th year!!!!

It is only now that I realize that the years you have spent on Earth have little to do with your AGE, this is much more an attitude of mind, sure, the body starts to remind you that you're no longer young much more often than it used to... the muscles and joints have their nagging aches more often, but in the long run its your mental attitude that counts... be happy, think young and stay young.

This brings me to the second reason for this post... I received about 30 messages of congratulations on my Facebook account, I thank everyone who took the time and trouble to send these messages, they really do mean a lot to me BUT I must be honest and say that I have never embraced Facebook... its just not for me, I don't honestly care what colour shirt you have chosen to wear to lunch with Aunt Betty or whether you prefer strawberry jam to the more conventional marmalade on your morning toast... these inane topics seem to be what Facebook is about, not the topics that make bloggers you have never met into friends that you cherish, friends that you share laughter and tears with as you read of their lives and share glimpses of yours.

I received an E-Card fro Karen and to say thanks for the thought I visited her blog where I read a story that brought a tear to my eye as I read it, "Just a little love is huge".

I left my comment... Hi Karen, thanks for the birthday card and more particularly for the thought behind sending it.
Great post by the way, this is exactly why I've never embraced Facebook and the like, nothing does it like a blog!!!

...case closed.... no, I got an email from Karen that I want to share with you, it illustrates my point very well.

You're most welcome!! I'm glad you got the card and hope your day was special. You and Merle mean a lot to me and have since I "met" you both via the blogs. Facebook is fun but I can't be myself on it - well, the real sense of humor, anyway, since my mom and some relatives read my small posts. A blog was always my special place where I felt safe to write what I felt and didn't have to sensor anything. Yep, nothing like a blog :-)


Niether of the links to "O'l Hoss" or "Karen" seem to want to work but both blogs are available from my blogroll "Reserve - Sidelined Players" Karen is there only because I'm lazy, Hoss has a much better reason... he passed away in 2009.

To all my many friends out there in blogland I hope this endorsement of what we do will help in some small way to make up for the lack of posts and comments.

And in response to those who have asked about my "Bells Palsy" I'm now in my 6th week of what is reported as an ailment that normally lasts from 2 to 6 weeks and I'm thoroughly sick of it... having said that there are countless ailments and people suffering them that are MUCH worse than Bells, but one does get sick of dribbling drinks everywhere and the constant threat of chewing a piece out of your lip or cheek when eating... did I mention the joy of washing your hair with an eye that won't close fully its bring on the "No More Tears" time, Not to mention the fact that my natural beauty has a whole new slant on things.... so as you can judge things here are great... thanks for caring.

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