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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Horse of the century

Let me preface this post with the information that I have virtually no interest in horse racing.

But every now and again my attention is caught by something extraordinary, this is the case with
The latest racing sensation "Black Caviar" this mare's racing program to date reads 13 starts for 13 wins, she is being described as "The best sprinter in the world" along with every other superlative the racing world can come up with.
Black Caviar has captured the racing fraternity {and the general populations} attention here in Australia like no other hprse since the great Phar Lap of the depression years, today in Brisbane instead of the normal 5000-7000 spectaters at Doomden there was a crowd of 40,000 all there for a glimpse pf our new champion.
Any racing enthusiasts anxious to know more about Black Caviar will find lots of info by Googeling Black Caviar

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