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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is life dreary... or is it just me?

Who among you believes that the weather can have an influence on our dispositions?
I ask this because today is overcast, quite cool without being COLD, its Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling bored and a bit glum!!!
Against this being caused just by the weather the past week has been lovely, cold nights but beautiful sunny warm days... and I've been feeling the same as I do today???
I hasten to add that I am not ill, I still have Bells Palsy but freely admit that this is a very mild sort of affliction to suffer, it is irritating that its been with me for over 4 months now but apart from the fact that I still can't close my right eye completely which causes it to dry out and become a bit uncomfortable and the fact that a 3 month old baby can drink better (and drier) than I can Bells doesn't cause me much trouble.
So why the boredom and lethargy?? I suppose some of it has to do with the fact that I'm not doing the things I like to do nearly as much as usual, probably the main reason for this is that my eyesight isn't at all good, medical opinion on this says that the Bells will not affect my vision but the cold hard fact is that I cannot see as well as I could, this limits the time that I can comfortably spend at the computer 15-20 minutes a day instead of 3-5 hours, the clarity, read enjoyment, of a television screen, I have a library of over 1000 movies to watch but because they are inclined to look pretty fuzzy to me I'm not watching them much, reading a book, magazine, or newspaper is a hit and miss affair also.
This has led me into a bad habit of lying in bed until 10am or later just because I can't be bothered getting up, its easier just to lie there dozing and letting the time pass, I have never been a lover of mornings but the hours I now spend in bed are excessive, even to me.
As some of you would know another of my joys is traveling through our wide brown land, again this requires good eyesight to do it the way I love to... Driving... I'm able to drive short distances, to do the shopping etc. but I'm not happy about long distances, so where I might suddenly take off for the other side of the country under normal circumstances at present that's not an option.
I'm not sure just where this post is meant to reside... maybe its a rant... maybe its a case of a problem shared is a problem halved... perhaps I'm just feeling sorry for myself... if anyone reads this and has any suggestions about how to shake of the mopes I'd love to hear them.
BTW, don't worry... I'm not feeling the slightest bit suicidal!!!!

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