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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy days are here again....

I thought it was time to do a more normal (read happy) post, I've had a visit from my son Marcus, he's the one who recently turned 50, it was a real tonic to have him here for the 5 days, we managed to catch up with a few friends and generally have a good time together.
Ken and Jackie were my house minders when I went walkabout until recently and were the couple who's wedding photos I took, they now live at TCB so we don't see quite as much of one another

Taken at the lovely little seaside town of Tin Can Bay, Ken, Jackie, Peter, Marcus

From a bit closer up you can see the state of my Bells Palsy, perhaps this is one not to enbiggen?

We spent a day at one of my very favourite places, Australia Zoo, with images of Steve Irwin everywhere.

A kangaroo and its Joey which at this age still spends most of its time in mum's pouch

The weather has been perfect of late, COOOL nights but beautiful days, Queensland winters are famous throughout the country, this is just as well because the ladies on my computer haven't received any clothes yet despite the prayers.... so we are still communicating by braille.

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