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Friday, November 18, 2011

Visitors to our land

Australia has been graced with visits by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip recently and President Barack Obama even more recently (I'm starting to worry about what the world might expect of us) but that's jumping ahead, first the reasons for this post.
Let me say at the outset that I am not a Royalist, I firmly believe that Australia should be a democracy with self rule and an AUSTRALIAN Flag, that said I have nothing but Admiration for Queen Elizabeth who was thrust into the spotlight by the death of her father, young as she may have been she has not put a foot wrong during her long reign.
At age 85, and 90 for Prince Philip, they present to the world a picture of grace and charm un-equaled by other world diplomats (even Phil managed to keep his foot entering his mouth much this trip, over the years his gaffes have become an expected part of any royal visit.

How many 85 & 90 year old's would look this good after a flight half the way around the world.

I read an article recently about the Queens dress code, a colour is chosen first, then the Hat, Coat, Dress and Shoes are selected in that colour and of course the Pearls to set it off

I have included the photo showing our Prime Minister Juia Gillard greeting Prince Philip, Standing behind Juia is Australia's "First Bloke" Tim Mathieson.... as a former Shepparton hairdresser Tim can't you come up with a better hairstyle for Julia???


The reason for the Queen's visit was CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting) which is a bi-annual affair this year being held in Perth WA


It seems we were no sooner done with the Royal visit than we were hit with cyclone Obama, I think the visit lasted 28 hours (but I'm really not interested enough to bother looking that up on the net) during this visit President Obama & Prime Minister Gillard were heard singing each others praises and photographed together enough times too fill an entire "Soapie" episode with material, I like to think of them as "Political Bookends" spanning the ocean between our two great lands!!!!!

Suitably framed by the flags  of our countries (you might recall I'm in favour of a flag which isn't dominated by England's Union Jack)

And just how supportive can you get?????

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