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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Merry Christmas to all Bloggers.

Well here we are…. Almost Christmas 2011
And I’ve finished this years “family & friends” poetic message and low and behold I came across the Bloggers 2007 Christmas Message which I decided to reprint ‘cos I like the idea!!!!

I write a Christmas message for family and friends
each year ( it’s a 22  26 year tradition) and this is the
third year I have done one for my blog buddy’s.

I thought it might be a good idea to post this early
as I know I have some poetic friends who might want
to join in to this idea (budding tradition?)

Bloggers 2007 Christmas Message

Another Year has ended
And with this, I’m sure you’ll agree
I’m broke…. my money’s spended
Thank the lord blogging is free

Once more I look back with glee
At what’s given and taken both ends
Just to think that we, Yeah, you and me
Though still strangers, we’re friends

Oh what stories we make-up
And with all of that hype
Cyberspace we fill up
With all the stuff that we type.

It’s been said many times
We are closer in “here” than with others
Here I’m searching for rhymes
I’ve got it… in “here” we are brothers.

As I read a sad, or happy, post
I often sit with tear in eye
The thing that surprises me most?
Just what has made me cry.

Another time I’ll burst into laughter
As I admire the writing skills
And I’m hooked, a fan thereafter
With all my morning coffee spills.

So to all of us, yeah, I’ll include me too
Whose memories and imagination
No matter whether false or true
Write our posts and avoid litigation.

To all of my blog buddy’s
Wherever from far or near
As you sit in your study’s
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

( If you celebrate some other form of religion or belief
I hope you have a good one)

Better try to add a verse or two
To bring this up to date
So this is from me to you
Yeah…. from your Aussie mate.

It seems like my bloglist is broken
There are so many “retiree’s”
Such a lot of my original contacts
Are no longer shooting the breeze

To say they are missed
Is so obvious, and so understated
But life has a habit of getting in the way
For many the writing urge just dissipated
There are other reasons for giving blogging away.

But to those hearty souls who continue
And are happy just blogging away
May your lives be filled up with gladness
As you find something new to post each day.

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