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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Moving cattle in Australia.

Only in Australia will you see this.
Road Trains
This is a recent email sent regarding the cattle trains at Helen Springs Station.
There are interesting statistics.  
There are 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per trailer;
Therefore there are 102 decks of cattle and there would be approximately
28 cattle per deck; This totals 2,856 head of cattle
The cattle will weigh approximately 500kg each (1102.3 lbs.)
The sale price for cattle at Longreach is approx. 165c/kg (75c/lb.)
Each animal will therefore be sold at $825.
Total revenue from this analysis is $2,356,200
Another interesting fact:
Each trailer has 24 tyres plus a dolly with 8 tyres
The truck plus lead trailer have 12 tyres plus a dolly with 8 tyres and 10 tyres on the truck
For the 72 truck/trailer combos there are 6,192 tyres on the road
Road trains loading cattle at Helen Springs Station, north of Tennant Creek NT.

Now That's A Road Train


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Amazing pictures of the cattle road trains.
They seem awfully close to each other or maybe they are stationery for the pictures.
The amount of tyres is amazing also. I found this very interesting, even though I am Australian and had heard about them. Thanks for sharing this one. Take care, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

They are amazing! Great photos!

Stephen Saunders said...

Superb photos, I was a trucker in WA in the early 80's supplying oil crews in the Great Sandy Desert out of Hall's Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and Derby, but I returned to the UK. I often think about those days and I'd probably be a road train driver if I'd stayed. If I wasn't married to a committed European with a young son now I'd be tempted to come back to Perth where I've been offered road train work recently. However, my own count makes it sixteen trucks with 62 wheels each! 3 x 12 + 3 x 8, + 2. Still a lot!
If you like silly rhyming stories, check out my blog: stephenofbowleyfarm.blogspot.co.uk
All the best, Stephen.