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Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthday Time.

Did you ever think.... At last My children understand me???

I received an early Birthday Card from my Favourite Daughter Vicki today, it was a bit early as today (May 24) is my sister Merle's birthday mine is on May 28 so for 4 days My sister is 3 years older than I am instead of the normal 2 !!!!
I digress, the card had all the earmarks of being the perfect card... Until I opened it up.

Not even pausing to think that this was a card from my daughter I eagerly opened it up'

Scroll Down.



Nearly There.

True to their word The Black Rectangles had been removed "Cut Out"

In case you can't read it the message is "This is from your daughter
Not Greenie!
I'm sure Warren will be pleased with that!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a tease, altho' if the "bits"
had of been exposed, it's possible you may of had a "fatal attack" being a person of your tender?? age.


kenju said...

Happy Birthday (soon) Peter!! I love the card and it is perfect for you (and nearly every man I know.)

Lee said...

Tis good that your children know you well! lol

Happy Birthday, Peter. Enjoy it to the utmost! :)

Bec said...

That's an awesome card lol. Happy birthday Uncle Peter. Hope u have a great day and you are feeling better really soon. Love Bec

Jeanette said...

A very happy birthday Peter have a wonderful day.. Love the card from Vicki..

Dave said...

Happy Belated Birthday Peter!

Here's hoping you have many, many more too!

Pamela said...

applause for the card. And hope your birthday was full of fun, love, and good health.

We have a rash of grandchildren birthdays -- May 28, June 3, June 8, June 14 and June 29 ... so can you lend me your birthday cash. ha ha

Cliff said...

Happy Birthday mate. Your daughter is a good one for sure.