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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Merle's Last Goodbye.

Merle's pride and joy, her four children, Julie, Geoff, John, Kathie.

Myself (Peter) and my sister Merle.

Merle in happier times, when she always wore that lovely smile.
Hello to all of Merle's friends, I'm afraid that I am the bearer of some very bad news, my dear sister Merle passed away today, (Saturday February 8th) quite suddenly but fortunately peacefully.
During my last conversation with her Merle told me that she had had enough and was just waiting to die, while this surprised me at the time I now see that having made peace with those of us she cared most about she simply shut down her resistance and allowed the inevitable to happen.
We are hoping for one last miracle, that is that her funeral can be arranged for Tuesday 11th February so that I can attend before my surgery booked for Thursday 13th February, to those who may not know about this, its the reversal of my colonoscopy after my encounter with bowel cancer last year.
To any of you who followed her blog and/or facebook please know that you enriched her life with the joy she got from her "internet friends" we had many discussions about how deeply we both felt about  those "friends" we had never met and in most cases never expected to meet.
The world is a much better place because Merle spent time in it, not enough time , but then I guess that always applies.
Thank you for the pleasure you gave to Merle.
Rest In Peace.



Gattina said...

I am so sorry to hear about that ! I knew Merle almost since I started blogging in 2006. We always had such a nice comment exchange, only the past two years I lost contact a bit. She is the third blogfriend who died. It's nice to know that she passed away peacefully.
I hope you can attend the funerals and I wish you good luck for your surgery.

kenju said...

I said this on facebook, but it bears repeating. Merle was a lovely woman and she will be missed by many bloggers, and I know her family is crushed. RIP, Merle, I am glad I got to 'know' you.

Lee said...

Oh! Dear! Peter...I sit here with tears in my eyes and on my cheeks. I'm so sorry for your loss; for your sorrow, Peter.

Merle was here with me from when I first starting blogging, too. She was a lovely, lovely lady.

Dear, dear Merle...may she rest in peace. She will not be forgotten. She brightened the hearts of so many...of those who knew her personally...and those of us who were fortunate enough to get to know her through blogging.

Hugs and love...to you and your family, Peter.

Robyn Lee said...

It's so said to learn of anyone in our blogging "family" passing on. My thoughts are with you and your family Peter.

Hugs x x

Jim said...

She loved her family so very much Peter. You all have been blessed with such a nice and thoughtful sister, mother, and grandmother (plus aunts, uncles, cousins, et al that I can't remember everyone), and friend for those who weren't related.

She was so nice and thoughtful too with all of her blogging friends. I will always remember her. Perhaps I will 'pull' all of her great blonde jokes.

Peter, I loved your idea of her wanting to be OBE. She missed it by three months. I did make it my last birthday and that reference helps me remember her and you.

Walker said...

I am so sorry for your loss Peter.
I only knew Merle through you but I felt the love you all had for each other and know her loss greatly missed.

Peter said...

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and for remembering Merle so fondly.