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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Are we there yet?

Following on with the problem of the hi-jacking of this blogsite I have done some tidy up chores here and I believe I have fixed the problem, as a method of checking this I would appreciate it if some readers would follow the link back here and let me know if there is still a problem. My intention is to do a weekly??? post here as I still love the principle of blogging.


Meow (aka Connie) said...

Seems to be ok now, peter !!

http://www.oldageandvillainyv2.blogspot said...

All ok this end,Peter. I'd better do another post on my blog, too. My new blog address is http://www.oldageandvillainyv2.blogspot

Good to see you back blogging! Cheers.

Marcus said...

Getting on Ok via my phone pop.

Jack K. said...

So far so good.

Gattina said...

It seems to work now, I didn't get this other website anymore ! Welcome back to blogging !

Anonymous said...

I got here in my usual manner, by clicking on your name on my post, then following the links back. Hope you are well and all. It's cold here in Michigan but we always hear how hot it's been in Australia. Hope your weather's fine there.

No to prove I'm not a robot (sometimes this part gets tricky) . . .

Lee said...

All is well again... :)

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