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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My 1st Post April 5th 2005

Anyone that I would expect to be visiting this blogsite will
know enough about me already, but for any unwary surfers
who have wound up here accidentally;

I was born in 1936 in country Victoria, so that makes me an
"old" Mexican (from south of the border.)
Having tried marriage twice, without much success, I now live
a pretty happy life alone in Gympie Queensland.

My first marriage produced four wonderful children, (so it
wasn't a total failure) so I have 4 that call me Dad 11 that call
me Grandad and to date 1 that will call me Great Grandad
when he learns how to speak.

My second marriage produced 25 wonderful years, (so it wasn't
a total failure either)

My passions are movies and music, (mainly country, but pretty
much anything gets a go.) and my family.
My three sons live in WA, two in Perth and one in Busselton,
and my Daughter lives in country SA, so travelling plays an
unusually large part in my life.

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