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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Joke 9

Unfortunately for those of us living in the Sunshine State The Brisbane Lions have just claimed the prize for Joke 9.
Just how a side that won 3 flags in a row and were runners up the next year can capitulate to the side on the bottom of the ladder, (by a sizeable margin too!) oh well that's footy for you I guess.
No doubt there are many "other staters" who are delighted to see the fall of the great Lions, we can handle it up here too, but it means we will get less and less news of AFL footy and more Rugby League coverage if the Lions keep slipping.
While Marcus has admitted to a preference for "Fatty" over "Eddie" when it comes to the respective "footy shows," we have the dubious pleasure of waiting until 1am for AFL news, I have a preference for the AFL version if only it could be presented without Sam Newman, he has to be most peoples idea of the perfect slob surely.

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