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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Mercy Mission

My purpose in life is about to take a new direction, I have a lovely Grand-daughter Stacey, who is unwell and needs someone to look after, and support her, as the rest of the family are busily engaged in their normal activities, the job has fallen to me.
Not that I mind in the least as Stacey and I are very good friends, as well as being related.
To assume these duties I have to travel from Queensland to South Australia, about 2000 Kms, and so that we will have some transport while there, I am driving, far cheaper, quicker and more comfortable to fly, but said transport would be missing.
Upon arrival in Adelaide I will again have access to the internet and will be able to resume my contact through cyber-space.
So think of me getting "white line fever" for the next few days and stay tuned for updates.


Marcus said...

Hope all goes well in Adelaide Dad. I look forward to more posts as well.
Give my love to Stacey.

Lyle said...

Peter: What is white line fever? Lyle 8.23pm 25/5

Peter said...

White line fever is the mesmerized state you can attain after many hours of staring at the road, and in particular the white line that helps you stay alive by staying on the right side of it, or is that the left side of it?

Marcus said...

And here was me thinking it was what happened to Dermot Brereton every time he ran on to a footy ground!

Stacey said...

I'm blessed with a grandfather who is also a friend. I don't know where I'd be without his unconditional love and understanding!