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Saturday, June 18, 2005

100 Things About Me

1 I’m overweight
2 I’m getting old, FAST
3 I love to travel
4 I love to stay at home
5 I have been married twice
6 I have four children
7 They are no longer children
8 They live between 2000 and 4000 klms away
9 This is a long way
10 This is the perfect distance
11 I have 11 grandchildren
12 Some of these are no longer children
13 I have I great grandson
14 There will be more
15 I love plain food
16 I love fruit
17 I don’t like many cooked veggies
18 I like fish
19 I don’t eat seafood
20 I love old houses and buildings
21 I love old cars
22 I love new cars
23 I love Australia
24 I love computing, USUALLY
25 I love my long term friends
26 I love my new found friends
27 I don’t like moody people
28 I tend to be a moody person
29 I consider both my marriages successful, my ex wives may not agree, what’s new
30 I have never been overseas
31 I have been to Tasmania, Fraser, Bribie, Rottnest, islands
32 I can’t swim
33 I prefer to tell the truth, so don’t ask awkward questions!
34 I prefer not to hurt peoples feelings
35 I love Queensland, except in summer
36 I love coastal scenery
37 I love mountain scenery
38 I love country music
39 I love good movies
40 I am an absolute woos at funerals
41 I used to mope, then I bought a computer
42 I love driving
43 I dread the time when I can no longer drive
44 I am a collector
45 I am a hoarder of stuff
46 I am a techno nut
47 I don’t understand technology
48 I hate failing eyesight and hearing
49 I love to fly
50 I hate it when my ears pop
51 My favorite shops are bakeries
52 My favorite people know who they are
53 The people I like least probably also know who they are
54 I love a beer on a hot day
55 I love a wine with a good meal
56 I am a compulsive maker of lists
57 I love rain on a tin roof
58 I love thunder storms, that aren’t threatening
59 I am in awe of the power of nature
60 I dislike outlandish fashions
61 I am anti Piercing
62 I am much more at home in a small group than a large one
63 I wish I could trade in my feet for newer models
64 I prefer positive people
65 I have one Sister, we get along very well
66 We didn’t always!
67 I have a small group of FRIENDS
68 I enjoy growing older, USUALLY
69 What to say about this number?
70 I love to laugh
71 I smoked for 30 years, quit 15 years ago
72 Now my lungs are voting for the 30 year period
73 I have lived at 20 different address’s
74 I attended 4 different schools
75 I was not a very good student
76 I am a good ex husband, again my ex wives may not agree
77 My kids all like me
78 I like them too
79 My favorite movie is “On Golden Pond”
80 My favorite singers are Slim Dusty and Sara Storer
81 I like to cook
82 This is just as well, as I like to eat
83 I only “tolerate” housework
84 I have had lots of jobs and career changes
85 These included, motor mechanic, salesman, company representative, service station owner, photographer, farmer
86 I like “markets” and secondhand shops
87 Favorite winter meal, Pea & ham soup, Beef stroganoff, Plum pudding, a red wine, black coffee.
88 Favorite summer meal, Steak salad & chips, Fruit salad & ice cream, cold beer, Mint julep
89 Favorite pie, Steak & mushroom
90 I don’t like people who “show off”
91 I like women
92 I do not understand women
93 I am in the huge majority in this regard
94 I LUV sweetened condensed milk
95 I used to get Zits now I just get Fat
96 I had a very mixed up childhood
97 My middle years were also a bit mixed up
98 I have aged well, like a good wine
99 You can choose to believe this or not
100 Who really cares about my “100 things list” anyway!


Merle said...

Well that took a bit of reading, as I guess it took awhile to compile. No real surprises to me.
But it was interesting. Don't think I will write mine down. On the bottom of my list would be Carlton. It is great having Fox footy so am watching another debacle!!

Peter said...

I suppose you would be the last one to get surprises from the list.
I clean forgot about AFL and Cricket.

Marcus said...

I loved this blog, what a great idea, I'll probably pinch it!
Not too many surprises for me either but I loved your list.
Since you've given scope to disagree in a few places I just want to register my disagreement with Number 10.

Dad said...

Feel free to use the list idea Marcus, I stole it from elsewhere!
Number 10 is the flip side of number 9, wherin, I guess, it who's telling the story and what sort of mood they are in.
Speaking of my neglected mention of AFL in the list, commiserations on the result of the Brisbane/Geelong game tomorrow!

Carolyn said...

Carolyn likes your list too but she's a woos when it comes to computers!
Your son's a liar! I'm about to go to bed and didn't want to post a hurried and or insignificant comment. True intelligence always takes it's time!

Dad said...

A very worthy comment Carolyn, only to be expected of you.

Lyle said...

Well, I learnt a few things there and confirmed a few suspicions also. Now I feel much better!

It was a magnificent effort to sound interesting but still with a tinge of 'boring'!!!

Actually, Peter, it is an admirable list - well done!!

Now let's do a Cocklebiddy by-pass?

Peter said...

I'm not sure you have earnt a Cocklebiddy bypass yet, keep trying.

jacqui said...

At least on of your ex-wives agrees that the marriage was successful, if for no other reason that we produced four splendid children, of whom we can be justly proud, and then there are the grand and great grand children

Peter said...

Almost seems to make it worthwhile doesn't it?

Da Gal said...

I think your list is fabulous Peter and it is not kindergarteny at all! Now I want to go look at your 100 plus list!

Appears I am a bit slow in reading this list... oh well, what else is new.