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Friday, June 17, 2005

Rain, in the right place!

The Wudinna area has finally had some rain, not a whole lot yet but enough to have them working very hard to get their crop planted while there is still some moisture in the ground.
So the tractors are working long hours and hopes are again focused on getting follow up rain, after seeding is complete of course, otherwise there could be enforced delays. Farming is akin to professional gambling, or a card game, where a good deal depends on a good deal.
In about 10 days time the plan is to leave Adelaide for the trek to WA, Lyle is due to fly in next week, we will spend a few days having a look around the Adelaide area, then on to Wudinna before heading west.


Marcus said...

That's good news. We've had days of rain over here so I've been hoping it would carry across to Wudinna.
Spoke to Zach today and we were wondering about your movements and whether he might be in time to catch a lift from SA to WA with you, but from the sound of it he'll be a bit late. He has 3-4 weeks to go in Tassie.

Dad said...

Last I heard Zac wasn't due to finish in Tas. until the end of July and then might come to visit in Qld.
I still plan to be home by the end of July if that is of interest, maybe he could do the Melb. Gympie trip with us?