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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Still in Adelaide

Still in Adelaide, still being a carer, still getting lost, still enjoying Stacey’s company, still sitting still a fair bit too.

We spent a very pleasant day at Hahndorf on Saturday; Hahndorf is a German settled town in the Adelaide hills, existing mainly as a tourist town now a days.

The main attractions are based on German food and souvenirs, we managed to coincide with the last day of trading of a specialty store called the "Cats Whiskers" who make excellent range of Fudge, about a dozen varieties, they are relocating to Roturua New Zealand, our loss!

Just to keep in practice at getting lost, we then headed for Port Adelaide for a look around, the mysterious THEY have moved Port Adelaide to a location unknown, we found lots of other places though so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Adelaide, I have decided, is home to some of the strangest drivers in the nation, while in general they seem quite courteous, they have an un-nerving habit of just stopping, to have a chat, let a passenger in/out, or any other reason they like, wherever they choose, very often double parking in a busy main street to do this.

The weather has improved, when I first arrived it was cold and bleak, for the past few days it has been sunny and pleasant, later this week the forecast is for some desperately needed rain, here’s hoping.


Merle said...

Glad that you & Stacey are still enjoying each other's company and some nice trips.. Port Adelside may be just someone's imagination and not really exist. The fudge sounded nice!! It has been a very mild winter here too, most days round 20 degrees. Cool nights though. Thank heaven for electric blankets!! Do they have maps in S.A. or haven't they got that far yet?

Peter said...

Oh we are very well equiped with Maps, a Street Directory and Compass, me being a male addmitting I need them is one thing, and the ability to use them is another.

Anonymous said...

I know somebody who has a lot of problems with maps, street directories, etc, thou' mind you after getting lost or, um, maybe half a dozen times they (name begins with "P") finally remembered how to get to a certain street in Coorparoo!!!!!

Peter said...

Hi anon-e-mouse,just finding Coorparoo, and then being able to spell it is an achievment, after all we only lived there for 3 years.