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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just couldn't pick a favourite word!!!


Artery, Study of paintings
Bacteria, Back door of a cafe
Barium, What doctors do when patients die
Bowel, Letter like A E I O U
Caesarean section, Neighborhood in Rome
Cat scan, Searching for kitty
Cauterize, Make eye contact
Coma, Punctuation mark
D & C, Where Washington is
Dilate, To live longer
Enema, Not a friend
Fester, Quicker
Fibula, Small lie
Genital, Not a Jew
G I Series, Soldier's ball game
Hangnail, Coat hook
Heart, Difficult
Impotent, Distinguished, well known
Labour pain, Getting hurt at work
Lung, Jab at
Medical staff, Doctor's cane
Morbid, Higher offer
Nitrates, Cheaper than day rates
Node, Aware of
Outpatient, Person who has fainted
Pap smear, Fatherhood test
Pelvis, Cousin to Elvis
Recovery room, Place to do upholstery
Rectum, Dang near killed 'em
Secretion, Hiding something
Seizure, Roman Emperor
Tablet, Small table
Terminal illness, Getting sick at the airport
Tumor, More than one
Urine, Opposite of "you're out"
Varicose, Nearby
Vein, Conceited


Marcus said...

One of Carolyn's favourite jokes is about the word impotent, you'll have to ask her to tell it to you then you can post it.
The poms are looking good again. I'm amazed McGrath and Lee are both playing, have to wonder if they're really fit enough and whether they'll last the whole game.

Dad said...

Hi all, this is me asking you to tell me your joke about the word impotent Carolyn.
Don't talk about the cricket you traitor.