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Monday, August 15, 2005

More Favourite People

Spike Milligan, “Member of the Goons”
Spike and his fellow Goons created an entirely new brand of humor
which has kept us laughing for decades.
To spread laughter throughout the world is the ultimate achievement.

Slim Dusty, “Australia’s Country Music Icon”
A legend in his lifetime, Slim recorded over 100 albums, won more
awards for country music than anyone else and was so revered by his
fans and peers that his funeral was among the biggest in Australia’s
Slim’s music and voice is better known to more Australians than any other.

Kieren Perkins, “Australian Swimmer”
Kieren Perkins is one of a legion of Australia’s swimmers who have set
world records in their chosen events.
He also enjoys a reputation as both a sportsman and an individual which
make him a model for us all.

Hawkeye Pierce, “alias Alan Alda, from the TV series Mash”
The whole cast of this magnificent series could have qualified for this spot,
but as Hawkeye was always a central character, and was portrayed with
such consummate skill by Alda, that he gets the Guernsey.
This show, unlike any other always managed to combine humor and pathos,
to deal with issues of war yet never glorify war.

Elle McPherson, “Super Model”
Known as “the body” by millions Elle has been able to handle her fame with
grace and dignity, her capabilities as, model, actress, business woman and
mother are on record for all to see.
Thank you Elle, for all the hours of enjoyment you have given us, I for one
certainly agree with the title of “the body.”

Henry Ford, “Founder of the Ford Motor Co.”
While Henry Ford did not invent the motor car, he did more to make it
available to the public than anyone else before or since.
Henry’s vision in creating the modern “assembly line” style of
manufacturing that exists in all industry today enabled him to produce
more “Model T Fords” than all his combined rivals of the day.
His sales literature stated you could have a Mode T in any color you liked,
as long as you liked black!

Andrew Jackson, “Former US President”
I need no other recommendation than his comment;
“It’s a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.”
With logic like that, and my standard of spelling, he gets my vote


Marcus said...

I wrote to Spike Milligan once, from Spain, and to my surprise and delight he wrote back, I'll post the letter sometime. I had a bit of repartee with him at a one-man show he did in London's West End one night as well. I just re-read Adolf Hitler, My Part in His Downfall recently too, he was as you say very very funny.

Merle said...

How can you compare Alan Alda with Spike Milligan??? Mash was very funny. Enough said. And at least Harry Secombe could sing!!!
Nice to know he answered Marcus' letter. Spike I mean. Goons was a good name for them.

Peter said...

Re Spike, and so say all of us.
Re Alan Alda, nobody compared him to Spike, but Mash was without doubt the best long running show on TV.

Vicki said...

Hi Dad
Finally got to the computer, have thrown a heap of paperwork onto the floor to find this keyboard!
Guess things are a little quieter now that the relly run is over again.
Looking good here, lovely and green, so best make the most of it as it doesn't last.
Phoenix is walking - or should I say running, it's like a hurricane goes through the house when he's here, even for a brief visit.
Finals footy and netball starts this weekend. Rex may miss his first game, came off the motorbike b4 last weeks match, but has stirred something up. No grinder and now no motorbike. Looks like we'll have to have a holiday.
Still debating about a destination.
Many thanks for the letter and contents, that may help decide our destination and duration!!
Lots of Love and thanks for all you did here in SA.

Peter said...

Hi Vick & Rex, sounds busy still in your world, how unusual.
Haven't heard from Stacey for a while!!!