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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Favourite People

I am going to list some (obviously not all) of my favourite people, and some of my reasons for holding them in such high esteem.
To avoid conflict with my friends and family I will state here and now that all of the above are my favourite people but are excluded from this list on the grounds of my bias.
Having laid down this ground rule, I am immediately going to break it by starting off with a personal friend.

Alicia Sorahan (alias “the crocodile granny”)
Alicia was the very brave lady who, without a thought for her own safety, jumped on to the back of a 4.2 metre long crocodile which was dragging a family friend off to a certain death but for her intervention.
This story has a happy ending for all but the crocodile, Alicia’s son Jason shot and killed it before it managed to satisfy its own killing instincts.
As for my breaking the rule, the Sorahan family, I am proud to say, are personal friends of mine, but under exceptional circumstances such as these, cannot be barred from my list because of this friendship.
Husband, Bill’s comment, “That’s good Alicia, you hold him while I get the axe” demonstrates their spirit and sense of humor, this comment was made weeks later by the way, not at the time.

John Gorton, late Prime Minister of Australia;
I include John Gorton because he had a record for bravery and honour in World War 2, and was able to carry this into his political career and as Prime Minister, an unusual record for a politician.

John Wayne, “the Duke”;
I believe this will be an almost universal choice; the Duke was one of the film world’s favourite sons for decades, having saved the “West” and then the “World” in so many memorable movies.
John Wayne was also an outspoken believer in justice and all things “American.”

Fred Hollows, “Australian eye surgeon”;
Once more I would guess that Fred Hollows would make it on to almost every Australians list.
He did so much good work for people, in the main who could not afford any treatment, much less the treatment of one of the world’s best eye surgeons.
His work is being carried on by his widow “Gabby” and the “Fred Hollows Foundation.”

A B (Banjo) Paterson, “Writer and Poet”
Banjo inspired a nation with his writing between the years of 1900 – 1940.
His works like, The Man from Snowy River, Bush Christening and Clancy of the Overflow, to name just a few, are as well loved today as when they were written.
He had a friendly rivalry with Henry Lawson, an equally well known writer of the day; between them they penned much of Australia’s early literary history.

Allan Border, “Australian Cricket Captain”;
Border shares the distinction of being one of Australia’s best Cricket Captains with some great names, but he is not overshadowed by any of them, including the great Don Bradman.
For sheer grit and determination Border’s contribution to Australian Cricket stands out.


Merle said...

Well that was something different.
I was surprised at John Gorton -- I liked him too. I have a biography on him written by Alan Trengove. Do you have it, if not I will send you this one.
I would have added Weary Dunlop to a list of mine. Also Steve Waugh was a very good cricket captain

Peter said...

This is an on going list, so there are plenty more to come.
I don't have John Gortons biography, so yes I wouldn't mind borrowing it.
I am also a fan of Steve Waugh, but I won't include all our cricket captains.

Marcus said...

I once shot a lizard in the backyard with a bow and arrow as it was heading toward the house and I was captain of the Carine High School second XI, what else do I have to do to get a nomination?

Dad said...

Now if that lizard had been 5 metres long, breathing fire and intent on eating the Carine High School second XI?????

Anonymous said...

Have been looking through the John Gorton book & found this quote on debate --I am always prepared to recognize that there are 2 points of view---mine, and one that is probably wrong. I will send the book next week.

Peter said...

Book arrived, thankyou, I did a double take at the postage, as you probably did too!