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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Spam and more spam!

holtieshouse has fallen victim to the "spammers" in an effort to combat this I have installed "word verification" to the comments section.
Sorry for the inconvience, it means you will need to type in the letters you see at the bottom of the comments section to be able to have your comment published, as most spam is computer generated and this task has to be done manually I hope to avoid the unwanted comments, (which are advertisments for unsolisited products or information.)


Merle said...

This is a good one. Had to try out the anti spam thingo.

Do you realise that your pictures and counter are no longer shown at the end of Currently 51 pages ?

Peter said...

You should be seeing my pictures, and another lot too, at the R/H sidebar, at the top, above pictures there is an icon, click on that and it will give you ALL the data about when and where from and how often the site is visited.
If you don't see these things, double click on August 2005 in the archives, this will bring up the latest postings, save that page to your favourites.

Marcus said...

Think my machine's been infected! Warnings and suspicious icons appearing en masse!
Haven't checked your counter data yet but I will.

Peter said...

If you don't already have them installed get Ad-a-ware and Spybot from the net, both are free and both seem to detect and remedy lots of bugs.
Also AVG free anti virus can be downloaded, I like it better than Norton which I have used for years.

Merle said...

I have your pictures on my favourites. Now just the ounter is missing as you have found. I think one of your commentaters has the wrong idea of contributing or has the wrong blog.