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Monday, September 05, 2005

Pics from trips

St. Mary's by the sea is a lovely little church right at the waters edge at Port Douglas, Far North Queensland.

The vertical cliffs that gaurd the coast along "The Great Australian Bite",
South Australia.

Bell Gorge, a beautiful spot in the far North of West Australia.

This sign on the Cape Tribulation Road was well worth a photo, the top sign indicates a speed bump on the road.


bubba said...

now that looks wonderful. As I like to travel and take pictures. I love to view them also.

kenju said...

Great photos, Peter. I hope to see Australia one day.

Peter said...

keju, is that derived from ken & judy?
anyway, as you seem to travel quite a bit, you should definitly put Australia on your list.
A few years ago it would have been like a trip back in time for you, we copied everything American almost slavishly but with a time lag of maybe 10 years, now-adays it is just a wonderfully scenic, friendly, relativly inexpensive place to enjoy.