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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First Date

This is my first date also referred to in a previous post, (the one that terrified me) the dating, not the girl, Glenda was a beautiful girl, who matured into a beautiful lady.
Maybe she was a keeper? too late now!

Just a picture of young innocence weren't we?


Merle said...

Just had to comment about how much
you looked like Marcus when both of you were younger!

kenju said...

Innocent, hopeful.....young!

Good photo, Peter.

Marcus said...

Steady on there Auntie Merle! I don't mind the comparison of our youth, but I'm not too thrilled about what that might mean for the future!
Pop, what do mean by a keeper?
And I'm still wondering what a tap root is? Or am I too young to know?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

She looks so... so innocent ... But less than you.

Maria said...

Before I read Old Horse Tail Snake's comment, I was thinking "She looks innocent, but what I read in HIS eyes is nothing like innocent." Perhaps both O.H.T.S. and I are remembering the way we wish our youthful experiences had been...perhaps a little bit more of the adventure of living on the edge.
Anyway it is a great picture and you are a handsome youth!

bubba said...

I think there was a shared happening between the 2 of you. More in that picture than just 2 folks standing.

Peter said...

Hi Marcus, Good luck with your fight arrangements and the Busso gathering on Friday.
I must apologise for neglecting your education so badly! A keeper is a fishing term, and describes a good catch as opposed to one to throw back (ie a non-keeper)
A tap root is the main root of a tree or plant that gives it strength and stability, constant moving hindered the full development of my "tap root" well that was Hoss' inference anyway.